This week on KUWTK the Kardashian sisters head to Japan.

It’s certainly not all fun and games, though as Kim has to launch Yeezy season 7 while she’s there.

If you fancy seeing Kim Kardashian under pressure, give episode 9 a watch!

This is the UK Lowdown – Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 15 episode 9.

Screen Shot: Kourtney and Kanye KUWTK S15 E9 – Hayu

Scott Cracks Kim Up

Scott Disick’s always on the wind-up.

This episode began with Scott picking up a bottle of holistic cat urine for Kourtney.


Scott and Kim were out eating churros when Kourtney calls.

Scott said:

Oh, no. It’s the freak itself.

Before picking up the phone to his ex and pranking her.

Screen Shot: Kim and Scott Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 15 episode 9 – Hayu

Screen Shot: Kim and Scott KUWTK S15 E9 – Hayu

Khloe’s About to Pop

Before a very pregnant Khloe jets off to Japan with Kim and Kourtney, she has to go and get checked out by her doctor.

Dr A gives Khloe advice for her trip – at almost 29 weeks pregnant she’s pretty brave to board a plane!

Screen Shot: Khloe KUWTK S15 E9 – Hayu

Kim Kardashian Snaps

The trip to Japan was like a compilation of meltdowns among scenic views and tourist attractions.

Kim did not hold back when it came to fashion advice in Japan.

A fun sister’s trip to Asia turned into Kim K’s school of fashion pretty quickly.

Kim felt serious pressure to make sure that her husband Kanye’s brand was launched perfectly.

Screen Shot: Kim Kardashian Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 15 episode 9 – Hayu

While Kim was shooting Yeezy season 7 she said:

This is what gives me anxiety in life.

Aside from freaking out to get each look from the new season done, Kim got snapped eating a MacDonalds in Japan – which is probably some very clever marketing.

Screen Shot: Kim Kardashian KUWTK S15 E9 – Hayu

Things really kicked off when Kim said that both her sisters looked like clowns.

While Khloe and Kourtney were having fun expressing themselves, Japanese-style, Kim couldn’t handle any more turquoise eyeshadow and shared some harsh words.

Kim came off so rude that even her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovici, had to pitch in:

I feel like your delivery, it’s a little harsh.

But maybe all Kim’s criticisms were worth it as Kanye was happy with how the ‘shoot’ turned out.

Kris Jenner is Feeling Generous

In episode 9 Kris Jenner buys her best friend, Sheila Kolker, a facelift.

Sheila comes to Kris at the beginning of the episode with complaints about her ‘old neck’.

So of course, what does multi-millionaire Kris Jenner do? Get her BFF a five-star facelift!

Screen Shot: Kris Jenner KUWTK S15 E9 – Hayu

Screen Shot: Shiela Kolker KUWTK S15 E9 – Hayu

Shiela was loving the results and so was her husband, Randy!

Kris said:

I feel like I have the Shiela from the 80’s right back with me!

The Girls Make Up Again

It’s standard behaviour in the Kardashian fam to have a spat and make up later.

Kim put her harsh words on the trip down to simply being honest.

But, older sister Kourtney had some advice for Kim on how to deliver a criticism.

After revelations at Kawaii Monster Cafe Kim said:

I will definitely work on my delivery, but my message, I think is pretty clear.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 15 episode 9

Screen Shot: Khloe, Kim and Kourtney KUWTK S15 E9 – Hayu

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