Kris Jenner opened up about her tattoos on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month, some of which are the names of two of her children, but who are they exactly?

Looks like a momager may have some faves right now, or when she got the names permanently inked on her body.

During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February 2022, Kris Jenner spoke about her new grandson – formerly named Wolf – Travis and Kourtney’s engagement, and surprisingly, her tattoos.

The Kardashian clan are not huge fans of body art – Khloe and Kylie have the most notable ones, and although Kendall has three, they’re all hidden.

We didn’t expect Kris to have tattoos too, but hey, she is the coolest momager around.

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The Kardashians | Official Trailer | Hulu

The Kardashians | Official Trailer | Hulu

The two Kardashian-Jenner names she has inked on her

Unless you’re a hardcore KUWTK fan, you probably didn’t know Kris had three tats.

In a season 2 episode – way back in 2008 – the 66-year-old got a cross tattoo decorated with the words Kendall and Kylie next to it on her lower back, just above her “booty”, she explained to Ellen.

As a longtime Keeping Up fan, we expected Kim’s name only due to the running joke that whoever earns the most is the favourite child. However, in the final KUWTK, Kris did mention that Kendall is her most hassle-free client, and Kylie is definitely one of the most successful sisters now, but not in 2008.

It seems that in 2022, Kris is regretting the tattoos because “I decided that that was not a great idea because I have a lot of kids and a lot of grandkids.” If she did actually add everyone’s names, it’d be a long and expensive process.

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Who’s the richest Kardashian/Jenner?

If Kris was to tattoo her most lucrative offspring’s names on her booty, Kim is undoubtedly the next in line.

The SKIMS founder is the only member in the billionaire’s club, which she entered in April 2021. With SKIMS, KKW Beauty, the reality show, and Instagram posts among others, she has an estimated net worth of $1.4 billion.

Unexpectedly, Kris ranks third in net worth at $190 million – she has to ink her own name next, like a label, as if no one knew who is she already.

Here’s the complete clan in order of wealth:

  1. Kim Kardashian – $1.4 billion
  2. Kylie Jenner – $700 million
  3. Kris Jenner – $190 million
  4. Caitlyn Jenner – $100 million
  5. Kourtney Kardashian – $65 million
  6. Khloe Kardashian – $50 million
  7. Kendall Jenner – $45 million
  8. Rob Kardashian – $10 million
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