What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, right? Kourtney Kardashian may have just married Travis Barker, but she was also about to get married in the same place to Scott Disick.

Surprisingly, the older sister of the Kardashians never got married to Scott Disick, even though they have three children together and were dating for so many years.

Now that Kourtney has reportedly taken the next step in their relationship with Travis, the episode in Keeping Up With The Kardashians that seems to show Kourtney and Scott almost getting married has resurfaced.

Kris Jenner stopped Kourtney from marrying Scott in Las Vegas

At the beginning of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians era, Kourtney and Scott almost took things to the altar after he popped the “would you hate it if I asked you to marry me right now” question.

Kourtney, without hesitation, agreed to his proposal. As they visited the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, the then-couple was hesitant about getting married.

However, Kris was not having any of it and was “devastated”, despite the rest of the Kardashian siblings being excited.

In the end, Kris called her ex-husband Bruce-now-Caitlyn Jenner and ended up stopping the wedding, saying it was an impulsive decision and insisting that half the family weren’t there.

Scott Disick REALLY wanted to marry Kourtney

Four years later, in 2011, Scott once again proposed to Kourtney as they celebrated their 4th anniversary together.

However this time, Scott had a diamond ring which her sister Kim helped him choose. According to the Daily Mail, Kourtney turned down his proposal as she was “not ready” to commit.

Nonetheless, the couple stuck together until they officially called it quits in 2015. During the time that they were not together and before Kourtney was officially linked to Travis Barker, Scott has tried to regain his relationship with her by proposing to her on other occasions.

Kourtney and Travis got married in the same chapel

Kourtney, who has been in a relationship with Travis Barker since 2020, has finally said the “I do” to Travis.

Since the two announced their marriage, the world has been curious to know all about the details.

It seems that neither of them could contain their desire to marry each other since the couple decided to take things to the altar in Las Vegas. Although it has not been officially confirmed yet by the couple, they could be now Mr and Mrs Barker.

Marty Frierson, who owns the Chapel told PEOPLE that the two were “affectionate” during their ceremony. “There was a lot of that — kissing and hugging. They barely came up for air!” said Marty, recalling that the couple “seemed totally in love” with each other.

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