Lisa Rinna bursts into tears after row breaks out on Dorit's special night


Lisa Rinna bursts into tears after row breaks out on Dorit's special night

Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featured an emotional scene fans are still talking about. During the history of its 12 seasons, no episode has ended with a fit of anger so strong that it led to a star bursting into tears.

Between the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there’s no episode without some drama or emotional moments. Its latest clash included frenemies Lisa Rinna and Sutton Stracke during Dorit’s special event. Dorit was hosting the dinner for a cause that “holds a special place in her heart”. As per Dorit’s Instagram post, Homeless Not Toothless provides “free dental care to the underserved – homeless veterans, foster youth, domestic violence survivors, and more”. So Dorit invited the women round for the great cause.

Invited for a get-together with the cast of RHOBH alongside their friends, the episode didn’t end well and with lots of mixed feelings. However, it became more understandable as Lisa then broke down into tears after her mother’s passing.

Lisa Rinna gets into a row with Sutton

Dorit’s special night hosting a charity event for ‘Homeless Not Toothless’ at her house was a pivotal point in the episode. In the previous episode, Lisa Rinna invited the housewives for a wine tasting session at her house.

However, things did not end up well in Beverly Hills after Lisa told Sutton to leave after both got into a disagreement. That caused the curiosity of Kyle Richards to find out the truth of what really happened that day, and what caused the mishap.

As per Kyle, Lisa was accused of dropping the ‘F’ bomb telling Sutton to “get the f*** out of my house”. Though the 50-year-old didn’t want to cause a scene at the charity event, Lisa took things personally and began to yell at her leaving the guests shocked and uncomfortable.

Fans react to the bombshell episode

After denying having used such a strong word on her co-star, the two began to reproach their actions against each other as the guests uncomfortably witnessed the situation.

This led Lisa and Sutton to argue as they were sat across from each other. “If you want to make this go away, you make a public apology,” Lisa yelled.

Seeing how the argument quickly escalated, many fans expressed their disappointment in the caused scene. Lisa’s anger quickly turned into tears. She revealed herself to be “in a lot of pain” since her mother passed away following a stroke.

One fan asked why nobody quizzed Kyle on her bringing up the previous spat between the two.

Despite the drama, “these women are there”

Though fans were not happy to see Lisa’s sudden anger towards Sutton, many defended her as the girls rallied to her side “no matter what” as she deals with the loss of her mother, Lois.

On August 15, the 59-year-old took to Instagram to share a heartfelt image with her 3.4 million Instagram followers. She thanked the cast of RHOBH for consoling her.

Lisa wrote in her caption: “Tonight. When you need them, no matter what, these women are there. Thank you”. The picture featured Erika Jayne, Sanela Diana Jenkins, Kyle Richards, Crystal Kung, Dorit Kemsley, and even Sutton.

The Bravo star also commented underneath Dorit’s Instagram post. She wrote: “What a beautiful party! I’m so sorry my breakdown happened during your most spectacular evening. Thank you for all the love and support Dorit, I love you.”



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