Made in Chelsea season 17 came to an end with new relationships forming – kind of.

Jamie Laing and Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo announced that they were going to give it a go as an official couple and recently confirmed in a podcast that things were still going strong.

Things were a tad more complicated for Maeva D’Aascanio, though.

The MIC newbie and brunette French stunner finally got over her break-up with Miles Nazaire (almost two years ago) by sleeping with Miles’s close pal, James Taylor.

However, she then slept with Miles and threw the love triangle into complete disorder. So, since filming was wrapped up, what theis going on now?
Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea Miles season 16 episode 6

What happened at the end of Made in Chelsea?

Season 17 came to a close as Maeva rattled through the episode making various sex confessions.

At the start of the episode, she confirmed Miles’s suspicions by declaring that she did sleep with James Taylor and didn’t just kiss him like previously stated.

In fact, James turned a little mushy on Maeva and told her that he could see them dating – although James said the same thing to multiple girls over the 2019 series.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Come to the end of the episodes, however, and Maeva admitted to friends that she’d slept with Miles.

Miles had ventured over to his ex’s house to confess how he truly felt, with Maeva making out that he desperately wanted her back.

Maeva said of Miles: “Basically, he just told me that he wanted me back and to try things again. He said he missed me and he just realised suddenly that he was the love of my life.”

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

The problem in the relationship sags is that Maeva is unsure whether Miles has been trying to win her back simply to prove to James that he could snatch her away at free will.

It’s basically a MIC macho man contest right now!

Season 17 finished with an end credit that read “Maeva is on holiday in the south of France with James”, which threw fans into even more confusion as the love triangle goes on.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Are Maeva and James Taylor still dating? Or Miles and Maeva?

We’ve been keeping track of everybody’s Instagram accounts and found some pretty interesting developments.

Although nothing has been confirmed, there are no snaps of Maeva and James looking cosy on Insta.

However, on June 18th, an Instagram story from Maeva showed her and Miles enjoying drinks out on the town together, looking very chummy. It wouldn’t appear that Maeva is dating James or Miles… but she definitely looks closer to the latter.


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