So this is it. Made in Chelsea season 17 has come to a close and it will finish with Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo and Jamie Laing dating.

Seriously. Not cool.

What started as a sickening joke where audiences remained adamant that a relationship had zero per cent of progressing slowly turned into every MIC’s fans nightmare.

Episode 13 (Monday, June 17th) is set to confirm that despite the boos from the public and outrage from close friends, Jamie Laing and Habbs will try and make a go of it.

From close pals who have been stabbed in the back to major compatibility issues, here are four reasons why Habbs and Jamie should not be dating.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 - Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing?
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 – Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing?

1. Jamie and Habbs just don’t suit

Considering Jamie and Habbs have been friends for a long time – even before Jamie started to date Heloise Agostinelli – it seems odd that they suddenly decided that they fancied each other.

Although previously known as Made in Chelsea’s long-standing lothario, Jamie has looked far more mature than he has in the previous series. Perhaps his 30 years on this planet are finally catching up with him.

Yet twenty-five-year-old Habbs just doesn’t seem on the same wavelength no matter how much they get on in a fun, jokey and flirtatious way.

In the long run and as a serious relationship, this one is a dead end.

2. Err… Sam Thompson is Jamie’s best friend

Recent reports have confirmed that Sam Thompson has officially moved on form Habbs and is now dating former Love Island star, Zara McDermott.

But still, that doesn’t make Jamie’s actions okay.

While J-man, Olivia Bentley and the rest of the hypocrite gang are busy slating James Taylor for sleeping with Miles Nazaire’s ex, Jamie did exactly the same thing behind Sam’s back.

Made in Chelsea fans: would you rather see Jamie and Sam living up their hilarious friendship or see J and Habbs enjoying a short relationship? Yeah, thought so.

3. Jamie literally just broke up with Ell!

With Jamie announcing that he had split up with Heloise Agostinelli in an early May episode, it only takes a few charges of the brain cells to work out that the break-up is still extremely fresh – even for Jamie’s standards!

Jamie and Ell dated for almost 12 months, breaking up just before the big one-year anniversary.

While Ell is channelling her energy into an on-fire modelling career, Jamie is bonking Habbs all but two months after their break up.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 18: Jamie Laing (L) and Ell Agostinelli attend the Emporio Armani Fragrance ‘Stronger With You’ party at Roast on July 18, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Emporio Armani)

4. Have you heard of Verity Bowditch?

Anyone watching Made in Chelsea this season would have noticed an obvious connection between newbie Verity Bowditch and Jamie Laing.

Throughout the 2019 season, they looked like a pair of gigglish school children when together, almost as if they were embarrassed by how much they secretly fancied each other.

But no!

Despite Verity’s attempts to push forward a few dates, it’s Habbs who has ended up in a relationship with Jamie. WTF!


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