Willow Day is one of Made in Chelsea’s newbies as the cast hit up Mallorca for some sun-filled fun, drama and gossip. The freelance model is already used to having cameras in her face on the daily, though.

The international travel-goer is a self-confessed serial dater, who catches the eyes of two boys this season. For five days straight, MIC fans will get to know Willow, along with other newbies Izzy, Malek and India.

So, just who is Willow Day? What does she do for work and how can you find her on Instagram? Reality Titbit has all the goss on the star, who was originally born in England but now travels for both fun and work.

Meet newbie Willow Day

Known as Willow or Molly, she is based across three countries: London, Mallorca and Milan. The 20-year-old meets a few of the MIC boys, and naturally, catches the eyes of not one, but two of them!

The romance-lover said she only has one request when it comes to men, which is that they “have to be gorgeous”. Look no further Willow, as there’s a whole line-up of men joining and returning to the cast!

She returns to Mallorca during the summer months to enjoy the island’s exclusive beach clubs, boat parties and beautiful weather – and we certainly don’t blame her for it.

A model since young teen years

Willow has worked in the modelling industry since she was just 13 years old. Although she was born in England, the newbie was raised in Mallorca residing in the bustling town of Alaró.

She studied Fashion at the University in London, and recently moved to Milan for an internship at fashion firm Versace. Willow often hits it off with men that also work in the industry, and are models just like her.

In her spare time, Willow enjoys all the activities the island has to offer including sailing, horse riding and archery.

Willow attracts two men in MIC

So far, E4 has not revealed who Willow attracts, but she appears to have become close friends with Ollie Locke as he follows her on Instagram. The Palma De Mallorca gal accidentally gets caught up in a love triangle.

She is yet to be swept off her feet by Prince Charming, and ultimately needs someone who can keep up with her fabulous lifestyle. Despite knowing Mallorca well, Willow is introduced to some hidden beauty spots on the island.

During the summer, two of the Chelsea boys battled for her attention…



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