The new series of Made in Chelsea relaunched on Monday night (March 12, 2018) with the crew from SW3 sounding as posh and priggish as ever.

The Channel 4 series has reintroduced all of our favourite characters from the past 14 series with newcomer Melody and her relationship with Jamie Long a strong storyline to kick-start the series.

Mark Francis, Sam Thompson, Harry Baron, Louise Thompson and Frankie Gaff were all in action, bringing us these 7 of the most “Made In Chelsea” quotes from episode one.

1. SW3 Transport

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here winner Georgia Toffolo made her glamorous appearance on MIC episode one by arriving by boat.

Alongside gal-pal Olivia, it was a typically fitting entrance for the queen of the jungle.

Georgia said: “Sorry we’re late, Olivia made our captain pull over to get a glass of champagne, didn’t you Olivia.”

Screen Shot: TOFF - Made in Chelsea, E4

Screen Shot: TOFF – Made in Chelsea, E4

2.  Vacation, Darling

In the same conversation, Mark Francis was on-hand to give us an insight into what he had been up to while Made in Chelsea was off-air.

To be fair, every word that spews out of his mouth could have made this list.

Mark said: “A bit of Sun, a bit of snow, Schtade, Barbados.”

Screen Shot: MARK FRANCIS - Made in Chelsea, E4

Screen Shot: MARK FRANCIS – Made in Chelsea, E4

3. Dress to Impress

Victoria Baker-Harber had time to comment on Georgia’s new role as a column writer for the Sunday Times Style magazine.

Although, she did have some words of warning when it came to attending events that aren’t as up-market as Toff.

Vic said: “There is nothing worse than a great outfit wasted on a bad time.”

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, E4

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, E4

4. Teeth ’n’ Tan

What are the two rules of MIC club? You must have good teeth and a great tan.

This was epitomised in episode one as Frankie and James Taylor got into a compliment-row over who had the most vibrant skin.

James swung the first punch with “you are so tanned” before Frankie came powering back.

Frank said: “OMG, no, you are more tanned.”

Screen Shot: No you're so tanned - Made in Chelsea, E4

Screen Shot: No you’re so tanned – Made in Chelsea, E4

5. Hark at You

It’s something that a lot of us aspire to do, yet the way Frankie spoke of her desire to run for a charity event reeked of self-importance and play-acting to the camera.

Completely out of context, having briefly walked past the camera, Frankie said:

“So I really want to run a half-marathon for charity.”

6. Sorry, Where?

Sam Thompson, also the star of C4 series Celebs Go Dating, was pretty quiet in the opening Made in Chelsea show.

However, he did produce a one-liner of pure MIC garble when telling everyone about Harry’s latest adventure.

Sam said: “He went to Val-d’Isere with the family skiing.”

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, E4

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, E4

7. Fashion Words

Sam tried his best – although catastrophically failed – not to gawp at Sophie Hemann’s open front dress as they spoke at a lavish party.

But, at least Sammy came away with more than just jaw ache, he also learnt a new fashion term.

Sophie said: “It’s called a Bavarian front.”

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, E4

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, E4