Made in Chelsea series 18 drew to its conclusion on Monday, November 11th after another scandalous series. If there’s one thing that the new cast has proved over these past two seasons, it’s that they know how to keep viewers happy with their fair share of drama!

Although Angus Findlay is one of the youngest and freshest faces on the Made in Chelsea scene, he’s got big plans for what he wants to do with his newfound fame.

Reality Titbit had the chance to catch up with Angus about his time on the show and what exciting things he has lined up for the future.

Screen Shot: Angus and Amelia Made in Chelsea 2019 – E4

How did you first get involved with the show?

“I think I’d been on their radar for a while, but because of my age and exams for university and stuff, there was never really a good time.

And then I got a message on Facebook from one of the producers. It was then a few months of meetings and stuff like that to assess whether I’d be good for the show. And then about a year ago now is when I found out they decided to bring me on!”

So, were you friends with any of the cast before?

“I knew a few of the ex-cast members but I didn’t have close relationships with anyone on the show. Since joining, my closest two friends in there are probably Freddie and Amelia.”

You’ve also been modelling on the side, how’s that going?

“At the moment I’m in between agencies which is quite a privileged position to be in. It’s quite a varied job at times.

You get to meet tonnes of people and I love fashion… I’ve also got a collaboration with Boohoo coming up!”

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You’ve talked about how much mental health means to you before. Are you planning any projects or campaigns that you can tell us about?

“I want to do more mental health stuff. I do a lot on my Instagram at the moment and I’m trying to work with a few charities as well. But I want to push a big project about mental health… potentially a mini-series on YouTube.

I want to leave my stamp on the mental health world, because it’s probably the thing that means most to me in the world.”


How come you haven’t discussed mental health on MIC?

“It’s something I couldn’t really bring to Made in Chelsea because it’s quite a tough subject to tackle. And so to organise it with the producers was tricky.

But definitely away from the show I want to do something quite big.”

Can you give RTB a hint of what the YouTube series will be like?

“It’ll involve interviewing other people and also talking about my experience with it. Maybe using fashion and cinematography to convey it and make it quite appealing to watch.

To make it quite artistic, I guess!”




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