Arabella Ovendon is the newbie on Made in Chelsea: Bali cast, where she is based. She revealed that Sam Prince, who is in a relationship with Inga Valentiner, had liked her Instagram photos but he no longer follows her.

She has joined the MIC cast while they live it up in Indonesia, alongside fellow new stars Lily Gray – who she is already besties with – as well as Ruby’s love interest, Renan, and Charlie Wicks who stars on the original show.

Arabella also admitted she fancies Sam, which received a shock reaction from the Made in Chelsea cast. Let’s get to know who she is, what she does for a living and whether Sam still follows her on Instagram.

Get to know Arabella Ovendon

Arabella is a 22-year-old Bali-based graphic designer and graduate from University of Greenwich. She specifically lives in the Denpasar area of the island and celebrated completing her graphic design degree in 2022.

With an interest in social media marketing and photography, Arabella is experienced in content creation for engagement and has a “creative eye in the design industry alongside fashion and lifestyle,” her LinkedIn states.

She has created meaningful work on not turning backs on knife crime, pandemics and the “inhabitable earth” during her university experience, which began in 2018. Now, she’s joined the Made in Chelsea: Bali cast.

Arabella joins Made in Chelsea: Bali

Arabella has joined the Made in Chelsea: Bali cast. She introduced herself by saying Sam had liked her bikini pictures on Instagram before proceeding to admit she has a crush on him, revealing that he might feel the same.

Lily encouraged Arabella to come to the beach club party. A confused Inga then turned up to their conversation and asks what’s really going on. Then, during a private conversation, Arabella asks Sam if he was expecting her to be there.

When Arabella was first introduced, she assumed Sam would “squirm like a little girl.” She later tells Inga that, “girl to girl,” he’s been liking her bikini pics on her Instagram Story and that Sam had asked her out in the past.

Meet Arabella on Instagram

Arabella has over 9,000 followers on Instagram, but Sam isn’t one of them, while she doesn’t follow him either. However, she often receives comments from Made in Chelsea stars like Ruby Adler.

Lily Gray, also a MIC newbie, features on her social media quite often. The two live in Bali, so it makes total sense that they’re so close having both resided on the island as well as in the United Kingdom.

Her Instagram shows that she’s travelled all over the world, to places like Thailand, Miami, Italy, Egypt, Mykonos, Ibiza and Sydney. When Arabella’s debut aired, she appeared to be back home in the UK and is set to return to Bali soon.



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