Frankie Gaff playing with her HAIR is the most annoying thing on TV - Has she quit MIC?

Following an explosive third episode of Made in Chelsea, rumours have appeared speculating that Frankie Gaff has quit the show.

The stunning 23-year-old ended the episode bidding her goodbyes to Jamie Laing, seemingly hinting at a permeant departure following a huge fall out with her group of MIC friends.


So you’re telling us that we no longer have to watch Frankie twiddling her blonde locks and clamping her birds-nest frizzy blonde hair?

Tough Break

Frankie has endured a dramatic start to series 15.

First, she bumped into Jamie Laing and his supposed new girlfriend, acting as if she was completely over her ex-lover yet spouting the type of jealous thoughts that paints a totally a different picture.

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, E4

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, E4

Frankie ‘No Mates’

Frankz proceeded to fall out with just about everyone in SW3, arguing with couple Olivia Bentley and Digby Edgley having failed to show up for Digby’s birthday party, before later lambasting their relationship

Liv literally rocked up to Frankie’s house and told her to F-off.

In MIC language, that is.

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, E4

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, E4

Hairy Situation

The building pressure mounted towards the end of episode three, with Frankie scrunching, twisting and flicking hair to the extent that the producers probably just asked her to leave.

Imagine trying to talk to someone when they are doing this…

During Frankie’s heart-to-heart with her self-confessed “only friend in the room”, Habbs, Frankz explained how she wanted to get away from all of the drama surrounding MIC.

Of course, she did this while barely making eye contact with her pal, instead, foraging through each strand of hair attatched to her skull.

Maybe she has dandruff?

Frankie even went full annoying and double-handed her blonde mane as if she was grooming a chimpanzee.


In the final showdown with Jamie Laing, Frankie left the party saying that she’d “had enough of the people in the room”.

Frankz left, telling Jamie that she’d “see him around”.

Is this the last we see on Frankie on MIC series 15?

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