Has Sam Prince had surgery on Made In Chelsea? Sam Prince plastic surgery rumours

Has Sam Prince had surgery on Made In Chelsea? Sam Prince plastic surgery rumours

Season 22 of Made In Chelsea is coming to a close and Sam Prince has been the hot topic of conversation, with viewers questioning if he has had surgery.

Season 22 has involved the latest drama and fall outs from our favorite Chelsea lot gracing our screens. The season finale will be airing next week on the 27th of December.

Sam Prince has returned to the show and viewers have noticed something different about him, and it’s not his player antics. Reality Titbit have explored if Sam Prince has had surgery, and if he is currently dating anybody…

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Has Sam Prince had surgery?

Viewers have noticed Sam looking quite different on the latest season of Made In Chelsea compared to before. He has not openly talked about what surgery he has had done, however fans have speculated that he has had Botox.

The purpose of Botox is to smooth out any wrinkles and lines on your face, which is one thing that is noticeably different about Sam this season. The cost of one injection of Botox can range from £99-£250, so this won’t have been a cheap procedure for the Made In Chelsea star.

Who is Sam Prince dating?

During the show, we have seen Inga Valentiner announce to fellow cast members that she was dating Sam, however this hasn’t seemed to go very well. Sam is known for being a player on the show, so many people saw this coming.

Made In Chelsea have treated us to a teaser clip for next week’s episode, and this is where it all goes pear shaped. During the clip, we see Sam promise Inga that he won’t hurt her again, however shortly after he asks Verity to go to the Christmas winter ball with him. Verity also announced that he tried to kiss her, so it seems that Sam and Inga’s relationship was short lived.

Viewers react to Sam Prince’s antics

As always, Sam Prince is the talk of social media surrounding all his latest antics on Made In Chelsea. Although viewers know what he’s doing is wrong, they’d be lying if they didn’t think it made good TV.

One Twitter user wrote: “I’m cackling. I forgot how much drama Sam Prince brings to the show. They should’ve brought him back sooner”. Another viewer said: “Sam Prince isn’t real is he. Like, he’s an actor they get in? Right???”.



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