Ever wondered if Made in Chelsea is scripted? We attended filming with the Made in Chelsea cast and stars behind the scenes, and the stuff that goes on is wild. Miles Nazaire, Harvey Armstrong, and more were present…

From whether the MIC cast is drinking actual beer to what time they shoot clubbing scenes, put it this way: not everything looks as it seems. We can confirm that most of the cast are actually friends and talk off-camera, though.

Reality Titbit went behind the true world of the E4 reality show filming to see what it’s really like. And many questions were answered, including the huge question of whether Made in Chelsea is scripted or not.

Yazmine Zweegers looks to right of camera with slight frown on face.
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Is Made in Chelsea scripted?

No, there are no scripts involved in the Made in Chelsea cast filming. Producers do set cameras up in front of specific cast members and tell them what to do, such as to “look over” or “walk off” but they don’t follow an actual script.

The cast genuinely does dance and enjoy the music – Ruby Adler was filming the band, who are called Noisy, on her phone for an Instagram story! And they are actually friends who chat and mingle when the cameras aren’t running.

Extras were encouraged again and again to put both hands up in the air and to look like they were enjoying themselves. There were multiple times when the audience was encouraged to cheer for the band.

MIC cast does set up walk-offs

Anyone who watches Made in Chelsea will have noticed those look-overs, where a cast member like Miles Nazaire, for example, may appear to be reacting to a love interest. Those are totally set up.

A producer told stars Reza Amri-Garrousi, Yazmine, and Miles to walk through the crowd at separate moments. Cameras follow them out, but then the cast member usually stands at the back.

For example, Miles Nazaire looked angry on camera while walking off but smiled once they stopped rolling. And it’s not just walk-offs. Ruby and Yazmine were encouraged to “have fun” on camera when the focus was on them dancing.

Crowd gathers in front of blue-lit stage, with yellow lights at side.
Credit: Reality Titbit

Clubbing scenes aren’t filmed at night

Those clubbing scenes filled with drama and several arguments aren’t even filmed when you’d think. We were instructed to attend a 10am morning filmed gig which was purely set up for the show.

In fact, the bar wasn’t even open for drinks or food. Plus, the Made in Chelsea stars – and paid extras who were told to stand in front of the unpaid extras – were given unbranded beer bottles to hold which were barely drunk out of.

The bar for the filming event wasn’t even in Chelsea, it was in Oslo in Hackney! And when the cast does talking scenes, they are led to a downstairs area purely set up for shots with nobody around. A few paid extras are asked to join them.

The girls got ready in the bathroom

Willow was seen getting ready in the bar’s public loos. She was seen with two of her friends, which baffled several extras who agreed that they’d expect them to get their make-up done by a special team.

One of her friends was overheard asking, “I thought the gig was tonight,” before learning that it was actually happening within half an hour. They were all putting on their own glam in the bathrooms.


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