Made in Chelsea: Amelia transforms for season 18, weight loss and more!

Made in Chelsea is officially back on our screens in 2019 and things have well and truly kicked off right from the word go.

Episode 1 aired on September 2nd and things got off to a dramatic start.

The Channel 4 show based in the affluent SW3 postcode brings back Jamie Laing, Alex Mytton, Sophie Hermann, Olivia Bentley and more.

Series 18 episode 2 saw Amelia Mist start to get the hang of the art of flirting. And it seems like it’s not only Amelia’s confidence that’s gotten a boost but the Made in Chelsea star looks to have totally transformed physically, too.

Screen Shot: Amelia Made in Chelsea 2019 – E4

Amelia Mist – Made in Chelsea

It turns out that well-spoken Amelia doesn’t actually hail from Chelsea, but comes from Dorset in the South of England.

But, although she isn’t technically from SW3 it doesn’t seem to have affected how Amelia has settled into the group.

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Two series in and the blonde bombshell is pretty much part of the furniture now. She has almost 16,000 followers on Instagram and you can follow her under the handle @ameliamist.

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Screen Shot: Amelia Made in Chelsea weight loss 2019 – E4

Amelia Made in Chelsea: Weight loss

Episode 2 of Made in Chelsea season 18 features a seemingly new Amelia Mist.

While Amelia still retains her quirky charm and Bridget-Jones-style demeanour, she looks to have shed some pounds since series 17.

The newcomer to last series kicked off episode 2 of the show playing tennis with bestie Angus Findlay and looked at ease launching herself across the court.

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Screen Shot: Amelia Made in Chelsea weight loss 2019 – E4

Who is Amelia dating?

As it stands Amelia is currently single.

During episode 2 of Made in Chelsea series 18 Amelia, Angus Findlay and Freddie Browne all attended a flirting masterclass.

Amelia went on to explain to Olivia Bentley that she was looking for a partner with a good aura.

Thanks to Angus, Amelia then had to make a phone call to a potential suitor and arrange a first date to a flower show – however, the guy declined, leaving Amelia pretty embarrassed.

Amelia and Freddie ended up attending the flower show together where they had a heart to heart. Freddie said: “We need to get Amelia the man that she deserves”.

But MIC viewers took to Twitter to express how much they want Amelia and Freddie to get together!

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Screen Shot: Amelia Made in Chelsea 2019 – E4




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