Made in Chelsea: Buenos Aires to show Digby and Olivia breaking up?

Made in Chelsea: Buenos Aires to show Digby and Olivia breaking up?

As always with the major reality shows, the producers know how to leave viewers on a cliffhanger and wanting more. As Made in Chelsea series 18 drew to an end on Monday, November 11th, the major shocker revolved around Digby and Olivia Bentley’s relationship.

The couple have been off-again, on-again for two years now, and their turbulent relationship has been featured in much of the series.

When news broke that they had called off their relationship once more, despite still being together at the end of series 18, fans were desperate to know if they would see the fallout on screens.

So, will the Buenos Aires spin-off series show Digby and Liv breaking up?

Olivia Bentley in Made in Chelsea: Buenos Aires

Digby and Liv: the break-up

In the final episode of series 18, there were tears as Digby headed off to South Africa for a modelling job. The series ended with Liv’s concerns about him leaving but things didn’t seem over between the couple.

After our Reality Titbit team did some digging on Instagram, it seems that the two have officially split.

On November 19th 2019, Digby posted a snap with the cryptic caption: “Treat me like a joke and I’ll leave you like it’s funny.” Neither him nor Olivia follow each other anymore, so we think things didn’t end on the best terms.

Their break-up was confirmed as Liv was announced as one of the celebs signed up to the new series of Celebs Go Dating 2020.

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Will the MIC spin-off show the break-up?

The episode 1 synopsis reads: “A trip to Argentina gets off to a dramatic start as Liv and Habbs both find themselves single.”

As Liv Bentley will be in Argentina while Digby is working in South Africa, it is unlikely that the actual break-up will be featured on the series.

The cast were filming in Buenos Aires in October 2019, so that means Olivia and Digby must have broken up before heading off on the trip. We’re sure the break-up will be extensively discussed by the cast while they’re out on holiday.

When does Made in Chelsea: Buenos Aires start?

The special spin-off series will kick off on Monday, December 9th.

The gang will ditch their usual Christmas plans for a short vacay in Buenos Aires, Argentina where we’re sure they’ll get up to all kinds of mischief.

Made in Chelsea: Buenos Aires will air for six episodes on E4 in the usual 9 pm slot on Monday nights, finishing on January 13th.




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