Made in Chelsea is normally brimming with drama, romances, arguments and a spot of clay pigeon shooting but this series brought with it the release of a MIC original’s book!

Ollie Locke held a book launch this series and it looks to be a huge success so far.

Here’s where to bag the book that’s taken him almost a decade…

made in chelsea ollie book
Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea series 16 episode 9 – E4

Made in Chelsea Ollie Book Launch

In Made in Chelsea series 16 episode 9 Ollie held a huge launch party for his new book.

Welcoming all of his guests, Ollie said: “Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the book launch for the islands of Fandye – a story about a little girl who sailed past the horizon into a different realm.”

Ollie was pleased that all of his friends and family came out, he said: “I really appreciate it so so much.”

Ollie later said to his fiance, Gareth:

I can’t believe it’s here, nine years in the making and we’ve finally got it!

made in chelsea ollie book
Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea series 16 episode 9 – E4

What is the Book About?

Ollie is recognised as a Sunday Times Best Selling author, but The Islands of Fandye is a far cry from his previous book, Laid in Chelsea.

The fantasy story is about a 12-year-old girl named Antigone who embarks on an epic adventure.

Antigone takes off on a small boat and discovers “an archipelago of magical islands beyond your wildest dreams” – known as The Islands of Fandye.

It’s suitable for anyone between the ages of nine and 90 and makes for the perfect magical gift.

Where Can I Buy the Book?

Released on November 21st, 2018 Ollie’s book is available in paperback on Amazon for £9.99.

It’s also available on Google Books, and on the high street via Waterstones.

Ollie’s book has gained five out of five stars on Amazon UK and 3.3 stars on


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