Imogen is a newbie on Made in Chelsea 2023, and she made her way into the SW3 crew by romantically winning over Harvey Armstrong. She is one of the first girls Harvey has dated since he split from his ex, Emily.

Imogen has officially joined the Made in Chelsea cast for 2023. She revealed to Lily that she’s secretly been dating Harvey for weeks, but how will the girls feel when the truth comes out on a cabaret night?

It’s all going down in SW3, and thanks to E4, we get to see the juicy drama air on-screen. In the meantime, Reality Titbit finds out all you need to know about Imogen Bloom, the new MIC star who has a romantic past with Harvey.

Imogen Bloom from right side looks ahead, boy and girl in background.
Credit: Made in Chelsea/Channel 4

Imogen on Made in Chelsea 2023

Imogen Bloom joined the Made in Chelsea cast in 2023. She is besties with Ruby Adler, is usually based in Chelsea (obviously), and has been getting to know Harvey Armstrong on a romantic level.

She is a blogger with over 68K followers on Instagram. Imogen took to her Instagram Story on May 9 to reveal she’s getting on a plane to film for MIC, addressing that her lip fillers have moved out of place in response to trolls online.

Imogen recently told Harvey: “Be honest that we had something real and you’ve shunned it.” It comes after he said he had sent her messages saying that they are not exclusive while dating and kissing Willow.

Get to know Imogen Bloom

Imogen on Made in Chelsea 2023 is an ambassador for Protein World and a dog mum to a dachshund called Posie. It’s no wonder that she works with a fitness brand as she’s always in the gym working out, as per her Instagram!

She has been working out for six years while taking nutrition supplements. The reality star often shares workout and diet advice, and has been dedicated to making her account more fitness-focused since January 2022.

Based in Kensington, Chelsea, Imogen has experience working as a sales manager for St. James’s Place. She turned 25 years old in October 2022 and is followed by the likes of Love Island‘s Tasha Ghouri and co-star Lily Ludovici.

She grills Harvey Armstrong on MIC

MIC 2023 star Imogen found out Harvey has been dating Willow Day, despite sleeping with Imogen. Willow claimed that, when Imogen grilled him about it, it was “very intense” before adding that she and Harvey are “single.”

Harvey claimed that he was “not exclusive” with Imogen when she confronted him about Willow. When he went on a date with Imogen, she said: “You had s*x with someone, you f***ing pr***.” Imogen admitted she really liked him.

During a lunch date out with Ruby, Emily – Harvey’s ex – and Lily, Imogen said she “can’t turn her feelings off” before adding that she didn’t feel Willow was a girl’s girl. Ruby had her back and said it “can’t have been nice for her, either.”


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