Melissa talks business on Made in Chelsea series 19 - find out about Melissa Jay Swim here

The Made in Chelsea bunch are back for its nineteenth instalment to date.

There are old faces and new, from OGs Ollie and Binky to Buenos Aires addition Harvey Armstrong. There are also all of the show’s couples returning for another dose of drama.

One of the strongest couples in SW3 are undoubtedly Harry Barron and Melissa Tattam. While for the most part, Melissa and Harry are caught up giving their opinions on everyone else’s drama, there are the odd moments that the E4 series focusses on their individual lives.

In episode 2 (Monday, March 30th) of the brand new series, more was revealed about what Melissa does for work. So, what is Melissa’s swimwear business?

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Melissa talks business on Made in Chelsea

When Liv Bentley and Melissa finally came to blows over the whole Liv-Harvey-Habbs triangle, Liv claimed that Melissa liked to meddle with others because she has nothing else to do.

To this Melissa replied: “You don’t think I’ve got anything else to do Liv? I’ve got two of my own businesses.”

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In Melissa’s Instagram bio, she also has clothing brand Ambiance Vibes tagged. It is likely this is one of Melissa’s businesses.

What is Melissa’s business?

Melissa, 23, is the owner of MELISSAJAY, a sustainable and stylish swimwear brand.

Melissa founded her namesake brand back in 2016 after she struggled to find a bikini which was truly flattering. On the website, they explain:

Melissa set out to create a practical bikini that was insanely good at making the body look its best, with an emphasis on flattering first and design second.

Bikini prices start at £79.20 for a bikini top or bottom and sarongs all sell for £35.00.

Follow Melissa’s swimwear brand on Instagram

To check out Melissa’s stunning designs and see which of her Chelsea co-stars rock the swimwear best, be sure to follow MELISSAJAY on Instagram.

The business has already racked up quite the following, and currently has well over 6,000 followers.

You can follow the brand @melissajayswim.




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