What happens between Digby and Maeva? Did they hook up despite her showdown with Liv?
Episode 6 preview: Maeva working out with Digby.

What happens between Digby and Maeva? Did they hook up despite her showdown with Liv?

Made in Chelsea has seen its fair share of cheating scandals over the years, which has sent even the strongest couples into relationship chaos.

But fans of the Channel 4 show were shocked when it looked like Maeva was attempting to take her and Digby’s friendship to a whole other level in episode 6 (Monday, April 26th).

So what happened between Digby and Maeva and did they end up hooking up?

Digby and girlfriend Liv

Digby and Maeva: The flirtation

The flirtation between the two began when Maeva slid into Digby’s DMs despite the fact she knew he had a girlfriend – very ballsy!

Next she asked him to train her, taking things to a physical level which Liv certainly was not pleased about.

And with Digby accepting her invitation, it looked like serious drama was about to kick off in Chelsea…

Did Digby and Maeva hook up?

Although Maeva may’ve wanted to get with Digby, it seems Liv shut down any chance of this happening in episode 6’s showdown.

Being that neither Digby nor Maeva follow each other on Instagram, it seems things did not end amicably between the two.

And Maeva is one of the few of the MIC cast Liv doesn’t follow either, so things look like this potential love triangle has been completely shut down…

Episode 6 preview: Maeva working out with Digby.

Twitter ships Maeva and Digby

Surprisingly, many fans of the show were keen for a Maeva and Digby romance.

As Liv has been a love-to-hate cast member over the past few seasons, many want Digby to ditch her and move on with someone else.

Twitter users have even come up with a couple name for them… Maeby!

Liv and Digby still going strong!

In recent snaps from the spinoff Made in Chelsea: Cape Town, the couple seems to be closer than ever.

Despite their yo-yo relationship, it seems that the couple have actually survived all the bumps through the years.

And Maeva couldn’t even break them up if she tried again to the disappointment of many fans.



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