Issy Francis-Baum caught the eye of Miles Nazaire, who was on a night out with the lads while filming for Made in Chelsea: Mallorca. Both on holidays with their friends, he invited her to a classy event happening the next day.

Spoilers: If either of them were looking for a holiday romance, they got one. Miles and Issy end up kissing on the beach, but their potential budding relationship is interrupted by Maeva claiming he was in love with Emily Blackwell.

So just who is Issy, the girl who caught Miles’ attention? As it turns out, she’s no stranger to the camera. She has risen to fame on TikTok at just 20 years old, and has now become the third new girl to join MIC: Mallorca.

Issy Francis-Baum holds end of hair with right hand wearing black dress in front of stone background.
Picture: Channel 4 Press

Meet MIC’s Issy Francis-Baum

Issy, 20, is a part-time student and model. From London, she is currently studying a fashion degree at university. Since getting signed at the end of 2019, Issy’s career has rocketed, seeing her work with numerous well-known brands.

She even featured on an advertisement in Times Square, and in stores across the US! The adventurer spends her spare time horse riding and skiing on snow and water. The singleton has now joined the Made in Chelsea: Mallorca cast.

Issy’s previous long-term relationship ended when her boyfriend cheated on her, as per Channel 4, and since then, she’s been happily enjoying the world of dating. Before her E4 stint, she had not found the one…

She’s a TikTok-famous model

Issy is totally used to fame, as she has over 62K followers on TikTok. With 2.4M likes on the video app, it’s no surprise that the model was instantly recognised by her fans when she appeared on Made in Chelsea.

One follower commented: “I swear you were literally on tonight’s Made in Chelsea preview ahaha.”

Another replied: “I literally thought the same thing, feel like I’m going crazy if it’s not her.”

Issy’s first video on the platform features her doing a TikTok dance to OUT WEST by JACKBOYS and Travis Scott (featuring Young Thug) in her bikini, which was posted in 2020. She asked users not to bully her in the caption.


And ruin my lovely manicure

♬ original sound –

Miles still follows Issy on IG

Miles is still following Issy on Instagram, and appears to have become friendly with other cast members. Other co-stars who follow her include Ruby Adler and Ollie Locke, as well as other celebrities such as YouTuber Joe Weller.

Issy caught the attention of Miles while he was on a lad’s night out. She was, like him, out with her friends before the flirty Miles approached her at the bar before taking the brave move to invite her to an event the following day.

They began to have a summer romance, and even shared a kiss on the beach, but things were interrupted when Miles started developing something more than just friends with Emily. Maeva warned Issy about his feelings for Emily…

Miles then quizzed Maeva on exactly what she told the newbie, and in another scene, Emily questions whether he has been fully honest with Issy during a private conversation with Liv Bentley. And Liv is certain he wouldn’t have been!



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