RHOA fans believe Marlo is 'craving a storyline' and adding to the drama


RHOA fans believe Marlo is 'craving a storyline' and adding to the drama

If the girls thought going to Jamaica would clear their heads of the drama in Atlanta, they thought wrong. Sunday night’s RHOA episode featured another tense fight between Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton.

Trouble in paradise? It seems like it. Kandi Burruss and Marlo got into an altercation on their first night in Jamaica.

Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta left viewers with a lot to say after a dispute between Kandi and Marlo ruined their first night in Jamaica. The RHOA girls were treated by newcomer Sanya Richards-Ross on a trip to the country.

However, things didn’t end well for the two, and the faces of the cast didn’t need an explanation.

Marlo gets into a tense argument with Kandi Burruss

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New housewife Sanya Richards-Ross treated the rest of the housewives to a girls’ trip to her homeland, Jamaica. However, things did not end well between Kandi and Marlo.

As viewers know, Marlo grew up as a foster child. During dinner, Ralph discussed his decision not to adopt his wife’s son, Drew Sidora, while discussing his book. The comments, which hurt Marlo, started the argument between the two.

Seeing that the discussion was going nowhere and only made the mood more awkward, Kandis interrupted the conversation as Drew and Marlo, by bringing up the topic that she is a foster child.

Kandi brought up the topic of Marlo sending her two nephews, Michael and William, to another relative for 30 days. This came after being given full custody for three years when Marlo stepped in to help her older sister who has bipolar depression and schizophrenia, writes Distractify.

After looking after the boys alone the situation burned her out, so she sent her to another sister, Crystal, for a month. She said she felt frustrated after her nephews didn’t clean up after themselves. However, Marlo continued with her duties after the 30 days were over.

‘Hell no’

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“You do not think that it’s weird that you sent your nephews back and made them feel like away?” Kandi asked, to which Marlo responded: “Hell no.”

The two began to reproach each other for their actions, where Kandi swore never to kick out children she was taking care of for a such reason. This led to the table getting more uncomfortable with the situation, to the point where some spoke up, and others simply left the dinner.

It left Sanya asking for everyone to be on their best behaviour for the rest of the dinner, but not before Kandi and Marlo make their last comments before the episode ends.

Real fans aren’t happy with Marlo

Fans of the series took to Twitter to express their disappointment over Marlo as the episode went on. Many didn’t agree with Marlo’s sudden reaction and how that affected the rest of the cast.

Some of the comments reproaching Marlo’s attitude led to some fans believing she was just adding unnecessary drama to get “her own storyline”. Coming into Kandi’s defense, fans applauded the RHOA star and her husband Todd for jumping in to defend her.

Marlo’s milestone in RHOA

Despite the many dramas within The Real Housewives of Atlanta featuring Marlo and other cast members, the reality star has managed to still become a fan favourite to some.

The 46-year-old star first appeared in season four of the series. Now in the 14th series, Marlo has been seen in more than 100 episodes. This adds a milestone in her career in the showbiz industry.

After her relationship with an unnamed billionaire in the 2000s, the RHOA star got into a relationship with NFL player Charles Grant. The two showcased their romance in season four, later ending up in a love triangle with NeNe Leakes.

However, Marlo is now in a romantic relationship with Peter Thomas, though his profession remains unknown.



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