RHOA's Kandi slams trolls and cruel 'body-shaming' jibes at daughter Riley


RHOA's Kandi slams trolls and cruel 'body-shaming' jibes at daughter Riley

Kandi Burruss has broken her silence over Real Housewives of Atlanta fans body-shaming her eldest daughter, Riley.

The reality star and actress joined RHOA during its second season, which aired in 2009. Ever since then, the 46-year-old has become a fan favorite of many viewers. Kandi has also gone on to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, RuPaul’s Drag Race and even her own spin-off series about her life.

Despite her fame, Kandi has had to endure criticism from trolls. When it comes to her loved ones, Kandi won’t think twice before standing up for her loved ones. However, she has confessed one of the greatest pains of a mother of her daughter, being targeted by hateful comments online.

Kandi recalls ‘fans’ body-shaming daughter Riley

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Riley Burruss is Kandi’s oldest daughter, whom she shares with her former partner, Russell ‘Block’ Spencer. As her mother entered reality TV life, Riley was forced to tag along with her mother and grew up in front of the cameras.

Even though she hasn’t been featured much on RHOA, Kandi has been posting photos of her daughter on her social media as the two are very close. However, the young woman has been targeted with malicious comments made by Bravo fans who were body-shaming her.

In an interview with People, the reality star opened up for the first time about the struggles she had gone through seeing the media body-shaming her daughter throughout the years.

Kandi explained: “Everybody already knows that Riley dealt with her weight issues growing up in the public eye. People would make comments on her body and say things about her personal look and it really boils my blood.”

“You can deal with anything for yourself, but you don’t want your kids to be bullied online,” she continued. “It’s just really terrible.”

‘This is a TV show at the end of the day’

Kandi has been sharing her personal life for several years on camera. However, the reality star can’t take any more of the comments that have been made about her three children. Revealing to have reached out to RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais about his 14-year-old son Jax, she says the unacceptable behavior is not “cool”.

“The people who watch our show and who are on our show, sometimes they take things too far, and it’s not cool,” Kandi said.

“It’s crazy. This is a TV show at the end of the day,”

Stating how her kids were bullied more than once, she reveals last week rumors were going around after a user posted online that Riley was pregnant, which she said to have “upset” her.

She added: “She was like, ‘Where are they getting this information from? Here I was feeling good about myself and losing and getting my body where I want it to be, and now they’re posting that I’m pregnant?’ That’s crazy!”

Riley ‘will always be her baby’

On August 22, Kandi celebrated her daughter’s 20th birthday with 10 million Instagram followers. She expressed love for her eldest child as she was no longer a teenager. Kandi added a heartwarming video from moments of her childhood.

Kandi wrote in her caption: “Happy Birthday @rileyburruss!!!!!!!!! Where does the time go?! One minute I was rocking you to sleep with your favorite bear & now you’re taller than me & trying to tell me what to do!”

She followed: “No matter how old you get you’ll always be my baby & I’ll always be here for you. I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become!

“You have so much going on & I can’t wait to see what this new year brings you. I love you soooooo much! Everybody give @rileyburruss some birthday love!”

As many fans and famous stars congratulated Riley for her milestone, she also left a comment underneath expressing her love for her mother with three hearts.



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