Kyle might be known for her extrovert personality and her straight answers, but the reality star appears to have had a tough time recently. The trailer of the upcoming RHOBH season 12 begins with Kyle Richards in tears. As fans eagerly await for the drama-filled reunion, Kyle Richards had viewers in stitches over her signature move – the splits.

After a long wait, the popular Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be reuniting with Andy Cohen for a season 12 reunion. Following their getaway trip in Aspen, Colorado, the girls are now going back to all the drama that has happened throughout the season.

Though it begins in a quarrel between Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne, longtime guest Kathy Hilton also had a few things to say on the reunion couches. However, Lisa was called out her co-star, and Kathy later said she was subject to “cruel treatment” on the show.

This leads Andy to ask about Kathy and Kyle’s current relationship, causing her to cry. Receiving support from fans online, other viewers did not understand her reaction.

Only the reunion will be able to shed light on the whole situation later this week.

The RHOBH trailer shows reality star in tears

Last Thursday, a trailer of the upcoming cast reunion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was released. The popular housewives all met in one room to reminisce about the drama that went on during their getaway trip in Aspen.

Things get heated between Lisa Rinna and her co-star Erika Jayne. However, Kathy Hilton jumps into the discussion and adds more drama to the equation.

But, why was Kyle Richards crying?

The feud between the popular Housewives ended with Rinna accusing Hilton of wanting to “destroy” her younger sister, Kyle. The actress also claims that she was bad-mouthing the rest of the ladies in an off-screen rant.

As Andy Cohen asks Kyle about her relationship with stepsister, Kathy Hilton, the reality star breaks down into tears. Both stars had also been arguing throughout the past series.

“I’m really not okay right now. I don’t want to sit here for a toast. Can I leave?” Kyle asks teary-eyed.

However, the reason why Kyle wanted to leave wasn’t shown, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Viewers were left heartbroken to see their favorite reality star in tears and rushed to defend her on social media. Nonetheless, other viewers didn’t understand why the Bravo star started crying.

It comes days after Hilton responded to a viewer’s comment worrying about Kyle “being so upset”. Kyle also chose to dive in, and the confusion has escalated even further.

“Kyle The Splits Richards”

Season after season, long-time fans of the series have seen Kyle Richards pulling out her impressive gymnastic skills – doing the splits. Whether she’s dancing or just playing around with the cast members, the reality star never fails to show just how flexible she is.

Though this might’ve become her signature move, there’s a story behind it. As reported by Bravo TV, the 53-year-old actress suffers from hypermobility syndrome which is why she’s able to do the splits so easily.

“I’m not just bendy, I actually have something called hypermobility issue. This is actually a problem. You’re not supposed to be born like this,” she says in the preview.

Nonetheless, as fans of the star love her elasticity, every now and then, Kyle shows off her signature move.

Announcing that the cast of RHOBH would be joining BravoCo, fans of Kyle reacted to the infamous “Kyle The Splits Richards”.

Adding laughing face emojis, a fan joked: “Kyle and her damn splits all the d*** time.”

“NYC IS NOT READY FOR THOSE SPLITS,” a second fan added.

A third fan commented: “You and your splits.”



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