The Real Housewives star was brutally honest about her feelings toward her co-star in a recent interview, fuelling their continued feud throughout season 1.

We all expect a bit of drama when tuning into The Real Housewives. And the new Dubai addition of the NBC classic shows the ladies aren’t afraid to get their claws out.

Page Six recently spoke to co-stars Caroline Brooks and Caroline Stanbury about how they were getting on with the new cast, and let’s just say they’re definitely not all best friends yet…

In particular, the pair spoke pretty openly about Chanel Ayan.

“I think Chanel is Chanel, and, you know, I think she doesn’t think before she speaks particularly,” Stanbury said, which clearly wasn’t harsh enough for Brooks.

“Chanel has the brain capacity of a 5-year-old is what she meant to say, but she was just being polite because she’s British. I’m not. I’m American. I’m rude.”

Woah, she certainly didn’t hold back!

Sticking Together

The two Carolines think their beef with Chanel is a product of jealousy of their close relationship, and they believe Lesa Milan, who is best friends with Chanel, could have instigated the feud.

“[Caroline and I] bonded from the first day we met actually, and we’d been friends before, and I think Lesa didn’t want that to happen at all, so every time we’d be out, there’d be a behind-the-scenes call to say to her and me, saying that the other one said something,” Brooks suggested.

Though Lesa and Caroline seemed like friends at the beginning of RHODubai, Lesa’s “calculating” ways put an end to that relationship quickly. Luckily for Brooks and Stanbury, their friendship has remained strong throughout the trials and tribulations.

“It made us really love each other more and say, ‘Hey, we’re lucky. At least we’re real, and we have each other’, you know?” Brooks added.

That trip to New York

Recently, the Real Housewives took a trip to New York. And of course, they shared plenty of pics with their fans. Brooks shared a lovely message about the trip and her friends…but somebody was missing.

Although Caroline captioned the pics to note some people’s absences, that wasn’t enough for Chanel who commented “where am I brooks??”

Caroline quickly replied sharing Chanel’s sadness about the lack of pictures of them together. At the time, it seemed genuine, but was that the first sign of trouble?

Now, we can’t imagine the two sharing heartfelt pictures of one another on their socials. But that’s the thing with the Real Housewives, you never know who is going to say what next.

Chanel doesn’t appear to have publicly responded to Caroline’s comment yet, but we can imagine she’s not exactly thrilled about it.

Watch The Real Housewives of Dubai on NBC’s Bravo on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET.


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