RHONJ star Melissa Gorga's new house is far away from Teresa Giudice

RHONJ star Melissa Gorga's new house is far away from Teresa Giudice

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa and her husband Joe decided to sell their mega-mansion in Montville, New Jersey last year and have embarked upon a new journey of building their new home completely from scratch. The new build is still in New Jersey but they have chosen to relocate away from co-star Teresa and the drama that seems to follow.

The new build is looking great so far and the pair have been keeping fans updated with its progress via Instagram videos but many want to know just exactly where the new home is.

Reality Titbit did some digging and we have all the details on the Gorga’s new home as well as their holiday home on the Jersey Shore. We also have some juicy details on their future holiday home plans, with their eyes set on The Hamptons.

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Big Papi’s Places | Trailer | ESPN+

Big Papi’s Places | Trailer | ESPN+
Melissa and Joe Gorga. Picture: Melissa Gorga Gives ‘Extra’ a Home Tour

The couple are building their home from the ground up

Their brand new house is a good 20 minutes away from Montville, making it not so far that the couple can’t visit important friends and family – but far enough so that they can escape the chaos.

Melissa and Joe are setting up camp in the neighbourhood of Franklin Lakes in Bergen County, a much quieter and peaceful place to live. Whilst the property is under construction the husband and wife are staying in a rental near the location.

They started construction on the new house in July 2021 with Melissa posting a video on her Instagram highlighting their very first day working on the property.

Joe explained to Bravo that his reason for building his own home was because Melissa said she wanted a new house that was ‘white, new and modern’ and went on to say how she was done with the ‘mega-mansion vibe.’

In terms of the interior of the house, The reality star mentioned the design inspiration will be exactly like her – ‘classy with a little spicy mixed in.’ We don’t know about you, but we cant wait to see it!

Melissa couldn’t wait to leave the mega-mansion lifestyle

Earlier this year in February, Melissa went on the Wendy Williams show where she explained how she and her husband were done with the mega-mansion lifestyle.

The couple finally managed to sell their home after almost ten years of taking it on and off the market and they got a decent $2.5 million for it in December 2021. Though it sold for over one million dollars under the asking price, the couple were happy to finally see the back of it. When speaking to Wendy Melissa said:

The McMansions were so in for so long. Everybody wanted the large homes. Now, you couldn’t pay me to put me back in one of those monstrosities. I’m over it. I feel like I’ve been there, I’ve done that.

Melissa Gorga, Wendy Williams

The Real Housewives star continued to explain how her new home would be much smaller, but still big enough for herself, her husband and her three kids, Antonio 15, Gino 13 and Joey 10.

It’s going to be a beautiful home, we are designing it right now. I want it different, a little bit more modern. It doesn’t have to be as massive. But of course, Joe and I are building it, so it’s going to be great . . . we are excited.

Melissa Gorga, Wendy Williams

The pair want a holiday home in The Hamptons

Melissa and Joe already have a holiday home on Toms River, New Jersey, though they put it on the market last year, Melissa pulled out last minute as she ‘wasn’t ready to give up summers on the shore’ yet.

However, a representative for the RHONJ star mentioned to Bravo that she and her husband had their sights set on The Hamptons. The rep explained:

They have spent summers down the shore since they were married and are looking to change it up.

Anonymous, Bravo

Though they are sticking with their shore home, for now, Melissa has said herself that they plan to ‘work their way up to The Hamptons’ but they are just not ready yet as they have their hands full with the build of their current home.



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