The Only Way is Essex series 23 has been a crazy ride so far.

Amber and Dan are an actual couple, Diags is dating, Gemma’s done the splits, Shelby and Pete had one of the weirdest breakups seen on TV and now it looks like part-way through Yaz and Lockie have left the show.

So, are Yaz and Lockie still on TOWIE? Where have they gone?

Are Yaz and Lockie still on TOWIE

Are Yaz and Lockie still on TOWIE? – ITVBe

When were Yaz and Lockie Last on TOWIE?

Yazmin Oukhellou and her boyfriend, James ‘Lockie’ Lock, were last on screen in episode 9.

On Sunday, October 28th TOWIE’s Halloween special aired and the pair appeared at the big Halloween bash alongside co-stars Saffron Lempriere and Bobby Norris.

Screen Shot: TOWIE S23 E9

Are Yaz and Lockie Still Together?

Since series 22 Yaz and Lockie’s relationship has been through its ups and downs.

The pair have had blazing rows, with James receiving some backlash from viewers last series when he said to Yaz: “You are a spoilt little f**king brat, right. Don’t start f***ing crying.”

Yaz’s friends Chloe Meadows and Chloe Lewis attempted to stand up for her, however, Chloe Lewis ended up leaving the conversation in tears and Chloe Meadows swiftly followed.

Screen Shot: The Only Way is Essex series 22 episode 1

Series 23 has seen the pair continue to “bicker” – as they put it. Both Yaz and Lockie’s parents have been brought into their rows yet Yaz was still talking about James “putting a ring on it” to her baffled family.

Screen Shot: TOWIE S23 E2

In short, Yaz and Lockie are still together and they are taking a break from the show.

More recently, in episode 9 of TOWIE, Yaz admitted to friends Chloe Meadows, Courtney Green and Amber Turner that she and James were attending couples counselling each week.

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Although there wasn’t a story to confirm their break from the show, according to The Sun, a TOWIE spokesperson has said:

It was mutually decided that James and Yazmin would not film the final two episodes of this series, allowing them time to work on their relationship.

The last we saw of them, they weren’t exactly hand in hand at the Halloween party and previous to that James had a good old vent at the bowling alley. He said: “I’m actually letting you mug me off. I’m swallowing my tongue.”

Screen Shot: TOWIE S23 E8

Yaz and Lockie should return to TOWIE in 2019.

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