TOWIE: Who is Ella's ex boyfriend? Love life and Chloe B rumour explored

TOWIE is back for its twenty-sixth season, welcoming back old faces and new to ITVBe. 

The brand new season was finally released on Sunday, September 13th. This comes after major delays in the show’s production, following the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent nationwide lockdown.

Ella Rae Wise was one of the latest additions to the cast, joining the show in spring 2019. With Ella back on our screens, she’s also bringing her fair share of drama. In episode 1, Ella came to blows with Chloe Brockett over rumours that Chloe had been with Ella’s ex-boyfriend.

So, who is Ella’s ex-boyfriend? Find out about her relationship history and more here.

Screenshot: Ella Rae Wise in TOWIE S26 E1 – ITV Hub

Ella returns to TOWIE

Ella Rae Wise was one of the newbies joining the TOWIE cast. As some of the more famous faces from the original generation of TOWIE stars have left the cast, there was more room to welcome in a new generation.

Some of the newbies included Chloe Brockett (along with her glamorous mum), Joey Turner and Demi Sims.


Ella was mates with Joey and Chloe B, however things may not be smooth sailing for Ella and Chloe after the events of season 26 episode 1.

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Who is Ella Rae Wise’s ex boyfriend?

Ella Rae Wise was previously in a relationship with Jack McDermott. The two were together when Ella joined the TOWIE cast in 2019. They had been with each other for over two years at that point.

However, things seemed to have turned sour for Ella and Jack, as they parted ways.

Ella has deleted all traces of Jack from her Instagram and his account is now private.

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What happened with Ella’s ex boyfriend and Chloe?

In TOWIE season 26 episode 1, Ella revealed that Chloe Brockett had slept with Jack McDermott. It is not confirmed that the ex in question is Jack, however as Ella is just 19 years old, it is most probable that he is who she was referring to. Ella told the story to Tom and Kelsey: “I split up with my ex of four years, and she’d gone and slept with him.”

Kelsey then revealed that Chloe Brockett had got together with Jack shortly after they split.

Ella continued:

It’s still hard to think ‘Yeah it is true’, as he was my young childhood love and I thought he that was going to be there forever and I was going to get married to him, have his kids, everything. But I think what’s hurt me the most is the fact that she was my friend throughout the majority of the four years I was with him, she knew how much I loved him.




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