The Only Way is Essex fans are in panic mode thanks to the suggestion that the long-running reality series has been cancelled.

News that the filming had been pulled for series 26 hit the headlines this week, all down to the spread of coronavirus and the travel restrictions in place.

So, what’s actually happened with the virus and TOWIE’s filming schedule? Has TOWIE 2020 been cancelled?

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Coronavirus and The Only Way is Essex

By now you should have heard about the coronavirus. The virus has hit almost every continent and is rapidly racking up numbers of those infected. And it is not that the world is sounding the alarm for a pandemic, but travel restrictions are currently in place, as are quarantines for those travelling from country to country.

As has been the way for the TOWIE filming schedule, the first episodes of the spring series is always filmed abroad. Last year saw the stars head to Thailand and this year, they were set for Tenerife.

However, as there have been six confirmed cases of coronavirus on the island and ITV have made the decision not to go ahead with filming for now.


A spokesperson told The Sun: “The last thing anyone would want is for them to be in danger and they’re following travel advice when filming.”

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Has TOWIE 2020 been cancelled?

No. Fans of the long-standing reality series will be happy to hear that TOWIE has not cancelled its 2020 series. However, they are taking the utmost precautions when it comes to safety, thanks to the rapid spread of coronavirus.

Little information has been revealed about the filming of season 26, however it most certainly has not been pulled from ITV.

We will keep this page updated with the latest on TOWIE season 26. 

What happens next for TOWIE 2020?

Although TOWIE 2020 has not been cancelled, filming for the series remains up in the air.

As only a few episodes are filmed abroad, it would be a logical step for the producers to ditch this segment and film TOWIE in Essex as usual. But a spokesperson told MailOnline: “No decisions have been made on filming locations for the next series.”

This might mean that they are still contemplating filming abroad.

The Only Way is Essex’s spring season is usually released in March, however as we have now hit the release month and ITV haven’t even commenced filming, we are anticipating TOWIE 2020 much later in the year. Potentially even summer, hoping that the virus will be more controlled by that point!