Who is Jack McDermott? TOWIE fans want to know more about Ella's ex

One of the newbie TOWIE stars has been the centre of attention since the first episode (Sunday, September 13th) of season 26. 

Ella Rae Wise revealed in the first episode of the new season that her ex-boyfriend of four years had hooked up with fellow TOWIE star Chloe Brockett. This came as a shock to Ella and many of her cast mates, leading us to believe that this drama is going to stick around for a while.

But as Ella’s ex and Chloe were the episode’s hot topic, many TOWIE fans wanted to know more about the man behind the drama.

So, who is Jack McDermott? What happened with him, Chloe, and Ella?

Screenshot: Ella Rae Wise in TOWIE S26 E1 – ITV Hub

Who is Jack McDermott?

Jack McDermott is best known as the ex-boyfriend of Ella Rae Wise.

Although Jack has kept a relatively low profile, despite the fact his ex is on one of the UK’s biggest reality TV shows, we’ve found out some details about him.


Jack works for Fish Bash Bosh, a company which delivers fresh seafood to London and Essex. They get their stock from London’s famous Billingsgate Market. Another of Jack’s companies is Premier Maintenance, which claims to cover “all aspects of house & garden maintenance throughout London & Essex!”

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Jack and Ella Rae Wise’s relationship

When Ella joined the TOWIE cast, she was in a relationship with Jack McDermott. It is unconfirmed when exactly they split, but the couple had been together for four years by the time the separated.

Ella explained in episode 1: “He [Jack] was my young childhood love and I thought he that was going to be there forever and I was going to get married to him, have his kids, everything.”

As Ella is 19 years old, it is likely Jack McDermott is around the same age and they could have met while at school. Ella would have been 15 when they got together. However, one report states that Jack is 28 years old. This must mean that he was 24 when the couple got together.

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Does Jack McDermott have Instagram?

Yes, however his account is set to private.

You can check out Jack’s profile @jackcdermott_ and hopefully, once all this TOWIE drama blows over, Jack will make his account public.

As of publication date, Jack has over 6,200 followers.




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