Series 25 of The Only Way is Essex drew to its conclusion back in November, but it wasn’t too long before the whole cast were back on our screens for the Christmas special on Sunday, December 15th.

With a year that saw relationships ruined, friendships failed and backs stabbed, it would take a Christmas miracle to sort out the TOWIE bunch!

And although we all love our fair share of “agg” and drama, the 2019 Christmas special was far from the festive fun we are all after at this time of year.

Here’s what went down in the special episode which left us all feeling more Grinch-like than uplifted with Christmas spirit.

Screenshot: The Only Way is Essexmas 2019 – ITV Hub

Georgia and Tommy’s festive retreat

If there’s one way to celebrate in style, it’s to rent a massive Manor House and invite all your mates down to celebrate. And that’s exactly what Tommy and Georgia decided to do for the Christmas special!

They rented the luxurious location for the whole weekend, with some of their closer pals coming down a night before the party for a Christmas meal.

However, it was the Christmas party that really was the star of the show as all the reality stars donned their best festive – and for the most part ridiculous – looks for a night of boozing and dancing.

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Screenshot: The Only Way is Essexmas 2019 – ITV Hub

Clelia and Chloe B’s bust-up

What started out as a simple invitation from Saffron to Joey and Chloe Brockett to help out as a soup kitchen resulted in one of the episodes more dramatic moments.

As Clelia ‘ran in’ – as they tend to do on reality shows – to the group, she and Chloe B finally came to blows over some comments each had made behind each others’ back. Even Saffron and Joey had to get involved in the argument to sort out these two!

But it resulted in one of the best comebacks we have heard on TOWIE in quite some time, as Chloe retorted: “I think it’s a Christmas f***ing miracle that you think people give a s*** about what you think.”

Now, that’s one way to silence Clelia!

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Screenshot: The Only Way is Essexmas 2019 – ITV Hub

Chloe and Amber finally meet

One of the moments that TOWIE fans have been waiting for is reunion of Amber Turner and Chloe Sims, since the whole Dan Edgar love triangle that happened eight months ago.

But the reunion of the two stars was far from everything we wanted it to be. It made Chloe look the jealous type and Amber look the victim-blamer. Both girls were hurt by Dan, and yet they took it out on each other instead of him.

Amber said in the episode: “We’re never going to agree on the fact that we’ve both done things wrong… We’re never going to be friends, we’re never going to go back to how things were.”

But the chat went from civil discussion to fully blown bust-up in a matter of seconds and ended with Chloe telling Amber to “f*** off then.”

All this reunion added was more boring drama for the group to discuss further along in the episode. Hopefully ITV won’t drag the love triangle into the new year, and will leave the whole Yaz and Lockie plot line behind as well!

Chloe Sims’ Twitter revelation

We all know that TOWIE is oftentimes set up ‘for our entertainment’. But it’s also not uncommon that the editing process leaves out key details and facts to help along the drama.

After Chloe Sims and Amber’s Christmas argy-bargy, Chloe took to Twitter to reveal there was more to the story than ITV sold.

Chloe claimed that Amber had criticised her for being a single mum and “had made mean remarks” about her child. Chloe also revealed that she had previously acknowledged she did not want to film with Amber on camera, but that had been edited out.

So, it wasn’t a very merry Christmas for all this year!



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