The Only Way is Essex season 23 will air on Sunday, September 2nd.

The TOWIE cast will remain the same apart from two newcomers who are set to join the group.

Sam Mucklow and Saffron Lempriere will be welcomed into the Essex clique on Sunday.

So, who is Saffron Lempriere? And why haven’t we heard of her before?

Who is Saffron Lempriere?

Saffron may look like ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ but she’s not a shrinking violet by any means.

She’s a glamorous Essex girl through and through and helps Gemma run her clothing boutique, Gemma Collins Collection.

If Saffron’s social media is anything to go by, it looks as though she likes a good time – holidays, partying and festivals – all in glammed-up Essex-style, of course.

watch this case 😏

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Who is Saffron Lempriere Friends With?

Saffron is best friends with TOWIE co-star Gemma Collins and ex-TOWIE cast member Kate Wright.

Kate is dating ex-professional footballer Rio Ferdinand (pictured below – smiling like crazy).

Saffron starred in Gemma Collins’s one-off series, Diva Espana, which aired August 29th.

When she rocked up in Marbs to join Gemma for the launch of her Gemma Collins Collection pop-up shop, Saffron meant business.

The pair put on a stylish launch in Marbella and look like a duo not to be messed with!

NOW ITVB 💘💘💘 @gemmacollins1

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Saffron Lempriere is a Proper Essex Girl

If anything’s for certain it’s that Saffron is Essex down to a tee.

She’s got the glowing tan, the bombshell locks and even a little chihuahua.

Alright Bambi 💓

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Saffron’s definitely got the glam factor just like her bestie, The GC.

Let’s just hope the rest of the TOWIE girls don’t get jel!

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