After friend Luke Burrett posted a throwback pic of Travis Barker with hair, fans think the pop punk star is unrecognizable.

Nowadays, we’re all used to Travis Barker’s no hair look. It’s hard to remember a time when Travis did have hair, in fact, fans now don’t recognize him after friend Luke Burrett posted a throwback pic. The debate amongst fans is now what they prefer.

Hold back the fan-hair

Fans who remember Blink 182’s early days in the early 2000s will be familiar with Travis’ luscious locks. However, those who know him from his recent wedding to Kourtney Kardashian won’t know any other look.

Whilst some loved the throwback, others think that Travis should stick to his current look.

No tattoos either?

Earlier this year, Travis appeared in Machine Gun Kelly’s music video for ‘Emo Girl’. Sporting a turtleneck and a grey wig. But it’s the make-up that disguises the rest of his iconic tattoos. Unrecognizable doesn’t even cover it.

Some thought he was actor Christian Bale, others thought that ‘it feels weird to see Travis with hair’. Obviously, his lack of hair and tattoos are crucial to his look!

However, that doesn’t stop him from going all out at Halloween where he often dons a wig. Last year, he dressed as Edward Scissorhands with his children and he could easily have been mistaken for Johnny Depp himself.

Clearly loving dressing up as much as their dad, the Barker kids look fab all kitted out for Halloween too. This Halloween will be his first married to Kourtney Kardashian and it’s highly expected that the pair will go all out in their celebrations. No doubt with a helping of PDA for good measure. It is Travis and Kourtney after all.

Travis and Kourtney’s wedding

The pair showed their love for the extravagance earlier this year when they tied the knot. Flying over to Italy, the pair had a lavish wedding with outfits you’d only see at a Kardashian wedding.

Since then, the pair have been more loved up than ever and haven’t been afraid to show the love. We can only wonder what Kourtney thinks of Travis’ throwback looks, but she probably loves him just the way he is.

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