It’s all popping off in Calabasas.

The Kardashian sisters arrange group therapy. Kris gets pranked. Kendall has a birthday. Kim sells her house and leaves Kendall homeless. Oh, and Kris shakes her lady lumps at Tristan Thompson…

Here’s the juice from the most recent episode of KUWTK.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 15 episode 2: Kardashian Therapy

You might assume socialites of this level would resort to different kinds of therapy, retail, maybe?

But no, it seems like these guys actually just want to talk to each other.
KUWTK s15 e2 The Kardashian sisters debate whether to get a counsellor involved

Kim and Khloe suggest therapy because they think they need a mediator to communicate with one another.

Kourtney doesn’t think they need a therapist to sort out their issues but Kim goes ahead and books her and her sisters in.
KUWTK s15 e2 Kourtney is reduced to tears again because her sisters don’t understand her

Kris Re-writing the History Books

After Khloe and her mum, Kris, chat about the issue of Kourtney’s odd behaviour, Kris says how it makes her sad.

So the saying goes, you’re only as happy as your least favourite child… I think it was a Maya Angelou.”

Now then Kris, where on earth did you hear that one?

The world’s most famous momager then corrects herself:

You’re only as happy as your least happy child!”

Ok, that makes more sense Kris – we’ll let you off.

The Art Prank

The main event of this episode. And one that had everyone in stitches.

Aside from Kris ‘shaking her body’ at Tristan Thompson on Facetime, that is.

Kris ‘art-shamed’ Khloe in her office for not knowing who artist Jeff Koons was.

Khloe then enlists the help of fellow prankster, Scott and they both get to work.
KUWTK s15 e2 Kris gets jiggy on Facetime to Khloe’s boyfriend, Tristan.
KUWTK s15 e2

Within minutes Khloe and Scott come up with a master plan and create false artist ‘Art Vandelay’.

They hire actors, create an art gallery, introduce Kris to ‘Art’ and his assistant and show her some of his excellent artwork.
KUWTK s15 e2 Art Vandelay
KUWTK s15 e2 Kris at the Art Vandelay gallery

Kris is totally sold on the Vandelay prank. And, Khloe and Scott have the artwork framed and sent to her.

Kris is so happy with the pieces, saying:

He’s so talented!”

Scott actually starts feeling bad by the end of the episode, but Khloe relishes the fact that her mum has fallen for it.
KUWTK s15 e2 Kris decides where to hang her new art pieces

Kendall Jenner’s Birthday

In episode two Kendall celebrates her birthday.

The catwalk model throws a stylish bash. During her birthday though, she has to confront her sister, Kim.

While Kendall’s house is under construction, Kim earlier agrees to let her stay with her.

Kim then sells her house and doesn’t think to mention it to Kendall.
KUWTK s15 e2 Kendall’s birthday party

Kim explains to Kendall that her house sold and she and the Kard-West fam have to be out in two weeks.

Well, cheers for the heads-up Keeks!
KUWTK s15 e2 Kim skirts around the awkward house secret

Kendall reassures her sister letting her know she can sort something else out, while Kim explains that she couldn’t pluck up the courage to tell Kenny the truth about her house.
KUWTK s15 e2 Kim explains why she acted so odd about her house selling
KUWTK s15 e2 Kim admits she messed up

But, in the end, Kim humbly admits that she effed up.

Kardashian Drama

Later in the episode, the three Kardashian sisters meet therapist, Anita.

Anita comes over to Khloe’s to sort the girls out.

Khloe mentions that Kourt has gone from confident to insecure over the last few months insinuating that her new therapist or something else may be the cause.

Just say you hate Younes, Khloe – we get it.

After some more tears from Kourtney and some analysis from Anita, it looks like zero progress has been made.

Money well spent, we’d say.

By the end of episode two we’ve learned that Kourtney is on the edge (still no one knows why), Kris is an art connoisseur, Khloe likes payback, Kim hates confrontation, and Scott needs his own comedy show.

Week-on-week this stuff just gets better and better. Episode 3 – hurry up!

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