What happened to the original Joe Millionaire, where is he now?

What happened to the original Joe Millionaire, where is he now?

Almost 20 years ago in 2003, we were introduced to TV legend, Joe Millionaire, AKA Evan Marriott. He rose to fame on Fox’s reality game show Joe Millionaire where Marriott was disguised as a millionaire looking for love.

The series was hailed by The Today Show as the “highest-rated and most-watched debuts season for an unscripted series of the past 20 years.”

With Fox bringing us a brand new load of Joe in Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, fans want to know what happened to the original Joe Millionaire?

We’ve got the scoop…

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What happened to the original Joe Millionaire?

After choosing partner Zora Andrich as a winner during the finale, the couple ended the show by splitting the $1 million prize.

Andrich chose love over money saying that his wealth would have intimidated her as per Screen Rant.

However, the romance was very short-lived.

Nowadays, Marriott chooses to live a primarily single life. During an Entertainment Tonight interview in 2015, he said he strives for a more “anonymous” lifestyle and nearly seven years later, he is still yet to find love.

Following the show, Marriott did a variety of odd jobs including playing guest roles on TV series such as Charmed and The Simpsons. He even did some underwear modelling for a short time but eventually, he returned to his original job in construction.

Screenshot: Evan Marriot, Entertainment Tonight – YouTube

Joe Millionaire “thank’s God” that his fame fizzled

Since the show, Marriott admitted to Entertainment Tonight that he was glad his fame “fizzled”, saying he “didn’t even know what he was getting into” at the start.

Speaking to ET, he said that he thought it was a blind date style half-hour show: “And then they sprung it on me that I was going to France, and I’m thinking, ‘What the hell?’ And then they offered me $50,000.

Marriott continued: “The popular phrase is ‘You knew what you were getting into.’ No, I didn’t. I mean, it was so embryonic. It was so new, that, that, no, you didn’t know what you were getting into.

Marriott said he wished he knew the repercussions of the show and ended the interview by saying: “It fizzled just as quick – but thank God.

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What happened to Joe Millionaire’s partner, Zora Andrich?

In terms of his former partner, Anrich, she described the amount of fame she received as “overwhelming” in a 2021 interview with the New York Post.

During the interview, Andrich opened up about being a busy mom of two and a carer for a one-year-old foster baby.

She is now around 49 years old and works in the healthcare industry, teaching yoga as a hobby on the side.

During the interview she also opened up about her relationship with Marriott, saying that they have spoken over the years.

Andrich said: “We share an experience of which few others can relate. Despite our differences, I really like Evan. His heart and character are intact — and I appreciate his unapologetic, bold personality“.

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