James Taylor is one of the stars on Made in Chelsea and fans want to find more information about his wealth.

Quickly becoming known for his bachelor lifestyle, James has made it known that his luxurious life includes his own private plane and a spa inside his house.

So how much does the Made in Chelsea star really make? What is James Taylor’s net worth? And how?

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Screenshot: Made in Chelsea Series 17
Screenshot: E4 Made in Chelsea Series 17

How much does James Taylor earn on MIC?

According to The Mirror in 2013, cast members of Made in Chelsea were earning anywhere between £250-400 per episode.

The newspaper inferred the price difference was due to how key the cast members were on the show and how many storylines focused on them.

Seven years on we can presume the pay bracket has gone up even higher, and with James quickly becoming a focus on series 20, we can imagine that he is earning a pretty tidy sum.

How much does he make from his day job?

From the looks of his Instagram, James is pretty much constantly on holiday when he’s not filming Made in Chelsea, meaning he must be getting the megabucks from somewhere.

When he’s not being a reality star the 25-year old seems to be a model, posting an array of professional shots including a trendy retro vintage shoot.

Modelling is known for being a pretty lucrative business, so we can imagine he earning a fair bit on top of his MIC earnings.

We know that James is also highly educated, studying at Regent’s University London to graduate with a 2:1 in Global Business Management in 2018.

The big questions are around who his parents are, as they must surely feed a healthy proportion of money into his luxurious lifestyle. Unfortunately, however, that info remains unearthed.

James Taylor: Instagram earnings

The modern age now gives celebrities the chance to earn online and James is earning his keep with the help of some well-known brands.

From the looks of his Instagram, he has partnered with popular influencer brand Daniel Wellington multiple times, and we can imagine showing off their watch range pays pretty nicely.

He also seems to have been gifted some pretty hefty items from brands including dental treatment Invisalign, which can cost anywhere between £2500-£4500.

James Taylor: Net worth

Overall we’d say James Taylor’s net worth is over £100k with everything combined.

From his role on Made in Chelsea to celebrity endorsements, the ladies man looks like he is doing pretty well for himself.

And with his celebrity status growing by the minute, we are sure he will be earning a few more bob in the future.

Now how do we get invited out on that plane…



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