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Who is Nina Marie, as Ryan Henry opens up about affair on Black Ink Crew

Find out all you need to know about Nina Marie as Ryan Henry opens up about his affair on Black Ink Crew, addressing that he betrayed his best friend.

Keep reading as we delve into the drama following the seventh season premiere of the reality TV show centred around Chicago.

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Ryan Henry opens up about affair on Black Ink Crew

After the latest season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago recently premiered, reality TV star and tattooist Ryan Henry addressed his previous affair scandal.

Back in October 2020, Henry’s best friend Anthony Lindsey exposed him for sleeping with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Nina Marie.

Unsurprisingly, social media responses were filled with outrage as Ryan betrayed his BFF.

Distractify reports that Ryan Henry shed light on the situation in a conversation with Charmaine Bey, shown in an exclusive clip ahead of the season premiere. 

Henry explains that Anthony found out about the affair after having his son, also Ryan’s godson, go through Nina’s phone while she was showering.

Anthony then shared this information with, Rachel James, Ryan’s on-and-off partner, before outing his transgressions via social media.

While receiving heaps of negativity online, Ryan admitted to his mistake and took accountability for his actions.

Charmaine expresses that despite being his close friend, she also holds Ryan accountable for his actions.

Who is Nina Marie?

Nina Marie is supposedly 30-years-old, as reported on her OnlyFans page.

Over on Instagram, @nvninamarie has over 13,000 followers and lists her astrological profile in her bio as a Leo sun, Leo moon and Scorpio rising.

As a blogger, Nina has also shared creative posts on her blog page named @nvmyglow.

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Shortly after the drama was leaked, Nina Marie addressed the cheating scandal involving Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Ryan Henry.

According to Celebrity Insider, Marie took full responsibility for betraying Anthony Lindsey with his best friend, who is also the godfather of their shared child named Caydenn.

Former friends address the situation

In a recent episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, the two former friends sat down to speak upon the situation.

During the long-awaited chat, Ryan confronts Anthony and expresses his anger regarding him telling Rachel.

Although, many viewers are surprised Ryan took this particular stance after previously sleeping with his best friend’s baby’s mother…

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9-1-1 | Season 5 Trailer
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