Sam Thompson has made his triumphant return to Made in Chelsea, popping up in series 18 episode three following a season away from the E4 show.

The 26-year-old confronted friend-turn-foe Jamie Laing about the drama that tainted series 16 and 17, where Sam and Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo broke up and Habbs moved onto a relationship with Jamie.

He also slid-in some less than subtle messages about his current girlfriend without name dropping who she was or explaining whether she would appear in SW3 or not.

Time for some answers…

Sam Thompson returns to Made in Chelsea

Sam made his return to SW3 by enjoying a chin-wag with pal Harry Baron in a local cafe.

The pair spoke about Sam’s struggle over the past 6-12 months, where he broke up with Habbs, watched her move on with bezzie-b Jamie Laing before finally meeting his new girlfriend.

Sam admitted that he is a good place now, though, calling his GF the “sweetest person in the world”.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea series 18, Sam Thompson return
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea series 18, Sam Thompson return
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea series 18, Sam Thompson return
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea series 18, Sam Thompson return

Jamie Laing vs Sammy T

He also went in on Jamie during his catch up coffee with Harry, venting his fury at the fact Jamie had slept with someone else while dating Habbs.

Sam said:

“If you’re going to ruin a friendship then at least make it the real deal. I’m sorry but if I’m going to f**k over my bestest bestest friend then I better be damn sure that I’m in love with her and I better be damn sure that I would rather lose everything in the world than this girl… that clearly shows me what he actually thinks about our friendship. It’s a f**king farce.”

Eventually, the two clashed head-on, where Jamie apologized for being a “coward” for hiding his true feelings about Habbs.

Sam wasn’t having any of it, though, calling Jamie a “w*nker and a sh*t friend” while confessing that he even watched the mess unfold on Made in Chelsea.

Who is Sam Thompon’s 2019 girlfriend?

Sam has been dating former Love Island star Zara McDermott since June 5th 2019, slowing building up their relationship from the odd date to, now, an exclusive couple.

Zara had come out of Love Island 2018 in a relationship with co-star Adam Collard. The pair got small matching tattoos, with Adam inking a small ‘Z’ onto his wrist and Zara writing ”AC’ on her index finger.

She works as a government advisor and is four years younger than Sam at 22.

Is Zara McDermott in Made in Chelsea 2019?


Zara will land in Made in Chelsea during episode 6, which airs on Monday, October 7th.


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