There’s more than first meets the eye when it comes to the small town of Ascot.

It’s not all fascinators, frills and champagne. There are actual, real people that live there, you know?

One of the 12 cast members that caused quite a stir in episode 1 is Leah Fletcher.

She’s feisty, outspoken and loves a good holiday – here are 5 things you need to know about Absolutely Ascot’s Leah Fletcher!

1. Leah and Surgery

Leah will be the first to admit that she’s a regular to the lip filler procedure.

In episode 2, viewers got to go along with Leah to her favourite surgeon, where she received a full millilitre of lip filler.

Leah said:

I think the reason why people are getting fillers and botox or whatever is possibly because they’re insecure about themselves. There’s just so much competition between girls.

2. Leah Fletcher: Age

Leah is 19 years old.

She was born on October 20th, 1999, which makes her a Libra.

At just 19 she’s already made it in the social media world with a quarter of a million Instagram followers.

3. Leah on Instagram

Leah has 25,000 followers on Instagram.

Her Insta is mainly made up of her lavish lifestyle.

Holidays, clubbing, glam selfies and new designer outfits can be found on Leah’s Gram’.

4. Leah’s Boyfriend

Anyone who watched episode 1 of Absolutely Ascot (Sunday, September 23rd) will know that Leah does have a boyfriend.

Henry Simmons was originally with Absolutely Ascot co-star, Courtney Smith.

However, he ditched Courtney and hooked up with Leah within seven days.

The pair seem pretty smitten, though!

5. Leah and Her Outspoken Views

Apparently, Henry goes for feisty girls – Leah is just that!

When Leah isn’t posting her ‘outfit of the day’, she’s more than likely posting an inspirational quote!

You do you, hon. You do you!

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