TOWIE series 24 is in full swing.

Although viewers were sceptical of the newcomers to the show it seems that they have managed to settle in well with the rest of the cast, so much so that there are now some romances on the cards!

Harry Lee and Chloe Brockett were both new cast members for 2019.

So, what’s the latest with Harry Lee and Chloe Brockett? What’s happening with the latest TOWIE couple?

Harry Lee
Screen Shot: TOWIE Harry Lee series 24 episode 1

What happened between Harry and Chloe Brockett?

Things are certainly hotting up between a few of the Towie newbies in series 24.

For the first few episodes of the show, Harry seemed to be interested in Chloe Brockett.

Chloe and Harry went on a very awkward date but decided to leave things as friends.

Harry said:

She’s just not for me. A little bit immature. I need a bit of maturity in my life.

At lunch with her mum, Chloe Brockett said of Harry: “Thank you. Next!”
TOWIE Screen Shot: Harry Lee s24 e06 – ITV

Are Chloe Ross and Harry dating?

Dressed as a bunny at the Towie Easter party, Harry admitted that he tried to kiss another Chloe, Chloe Ross, on a night out but she wasn’t having any of it.

She said: “I definitely think you’re going to have to take me out on a date first. You know, play your cards right.”

Harry replied:

So, we’ll go on this date. I won’t be wearing this but maybe I can save it for after, eh?

However, their date went down like a lead balloon as he went out on a date with Chloe Brockett and kissed her.

Chloe Ross gave Harry a piece of her mind in episode 7 and told him he shouldn’t treat girls like that.
TOWIE Screen Shot: Harry Lee s24 e06 – ITV

Who is Harry Lee dating now?

As of episode 8, Harry admitted to his best friend, Tom, that he’s got a real soft spot for Chloe Brockett.

While Chloe B and Harry’s romance started out on the rocks it seems that they’ve really taken a liking to one another.

Neither of them have posted their relationship on Instagram, however, the pair were seen together on Chloe B’s Insta story on May 5th 2019.
Screen Shot: Chloe Brockett Instagram story


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