Celebs Go Dating has officially wrapped up its 2023 season and now fans want to know whether Spuddz and Gabby are an item. The Channel 4 series follows a variety of famous faces as they navigate their love lives with the help of dating experts Anna Williamson, Paul C Brunson, and Dr Tara.

August 20 saw the launch of a brand new season of Channel 4‘s Celebs Go Dating. Rob Beckett returned with his hilarious voice-over and six single and ready-to-mingle celebrities embarked on a dating experience like no other. Let’s take a look at how Spuddz’s love life looks now.

Gabby looks across at someone out of shot wearing yellow top
Credit: Celebs Go Dating YouTube channel

Spuddz and Gabby’s dating journey

Comedian Spuddz met Gabby Tiba through the Celebrity Dating Agency and the two hit it off right away.

Spuddz was dating Natalie during his time at the agency, but he decided to continue seeing other people.

After being called out for kissing another of his dates, Rafaela, Spuddz decided to exclusively date Gabby.

Gabby and Spuddz experienced some more turbulence at the beginning of their relationship when it was revealed that he had slept in Rafaela’s hotel room.

Spuddz made a ‘monumental’ decision

Despite having some ups and downs on Celebs Go Dating, Spuddz and Gabby managed to overcome the hotel room sleepover.

During the show’s finale episode, which aired on September 14, Spuddz made a “monumental” decision.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote: “Tonight is monumental, hope you enjoyed the history that has been made.”

At the end of the show, Spuddz asked Gabby to “be his girl.”

Gabby is first to comment

On September 14, Celebs Go Dating confirmed that “Spuddz is officially off the market.”

He and Gabby decided to become an official couple with Gabby responding: “Yes, I’ll be your girl,” to Spuddz’s question.

Fitness coach Gabby was first to comment on the Instagram clip (@gabriellatiba) which shows their blossoming relationship. She wrote: “Bagged itttt.”

Gabby also shared a snap of herself and Spuddz on her Instagram Story on the night of the show’s finale.

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