Josh Duhamel is drawing upon his own personal past times in his latest CBS TV show. Buddy Games kicked off on Thursday, September 14 and the show was inspired by Josh’s very own ‘Buddy Games’ that he’d play with his childhood friends. Let’s get to know the Buddy Games cast competing for a cash prize.

Six teams of friends are given the opportunity of a lifetime to “feel like kids again” and play the Buddy Games with their besties. Some of the cast members are used to looking out for one another as they work together in the police force and others have been best friends for decades. The tightness of the teams’ friendships is clearly vital as host Josh says “…only the best of friends will make it to the end.”

Buddy Games host Josh Duhamel stands outside wearing plaid shirt speaking to contestants who are out of shot
Credit: Buddy Games/CBS

Buddy Games cast

The very first Buddy Games kicks off on September 14 and gets straight into the action.

Josh Duhamel greets the six teams taking part and explains their first challenge.

The six teams taking part are:

Each of the Buddy Games teams is made up of four people.

Team Pride

Buddy Games’ Team Pride is made up of:

They’re all members of the LGBTQ community and say that they have “pride in their friendship.”

Philly Forever

Buddy Games' Philly Team members stand together wearing colorful t shirts looking at show's host who is out of shot
Credit: Buddy Games/CBS

Philly Forever’s team members are:

Erica and Anthony are married and Anthony and Fredie have been friends for 37 years. Anthony adds that he and Mike have been friends for 35 years.

Derby Squad

Four teammates of Derby Squad speak to camera on CBS' Buddy Games
Credit: Buddy Games/CBS

The four teammates on Derby Squad “eat, live, and breathe roller derby.”

The ladies taking part on Buddy Games are:

Buddy Games cast: Team OK

Team OK all grew up in Oklahoma together. The team is made up of:

Pageant Queens

Four ladies who make up Team Pageant Queens stand together posing on Buddy Games
Credit: Buddy Games/CBS

The four Pageant Queens team members are:

The ladies met one another through Miss America competitions.

They’ve all “been crowned, and been queens,” as well as all being moms.

Buddy Games: Chicago’s Finest

Four team members of Team Chicago's Finest speak to camera on Buddy Games ep1
Credit: Buddy Games/CBS

The Chicago’s Finest team members are work colleagues and Chicago police officers.

Speaking of their expertise, they said they “know how to read people.”


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