There’s a brand new dating series coming to BBC iPlayer on Tuesday, May 21st.

Hot Property will see host Yung Filly guide young singles around the houses of three potential suitors. The single contestant will then have to pick which of the three they’d like to go on a blind date with, just from the stuff in their homes!

So who are the young singles looking for love?

Here is everything you need to know about the line-up of lovers on Hot Property and whether they found their match on the show!

Pictured: Amber, Yung Filly.

How does Hot Property work?

These young singles looking for the perfect date will tour three strangers’ houses.

Alongside Filly, they will snoop through all their stuff to figure out who they should take on the blind date. They will even speak to their friends and family to get to know which of their potential beauxs will be best!

Filly will be there every step of the way, even on the blind date!

We don’t think this will end well…

Meet the cast…


This Essex girl was looking for a party-boy to keep up with her.

But sadly, it doesn’t seem that things have worked out between Ayo and her Hot Property beau.

Check out her Instagram @trillylioness where Ayo already has nearly 2000 followers!


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life is short. Do stuff that matters 🙂

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Belfast-born Amber Scott also doesn’t seem to have settled down with anyone from the show.

But we’re sure it won’t be long before this Irish beauty is swept off her feet!


“Forever single” Myalls was hoping that this show would help him turn his love life around.

The Nottingham boy is looking for love, but has it come in the form of a scientist, a fashion designer and a lizard lover?

It is yet to be confirmed whether Myalls found his first love on Hot Property, but we will keep you posted with any updates!

Pictured: Filly, Myalls


After a rather ‘fishy’ encounter on the show, things weren’t looking good for Brummie boy Corey…

But whether he found love with the cheerleader is still unknown!

Pictured: Filly, Corey


Filly helps Londoner Mary look for the girl of her dreams.

She wanted a party girl, but got more than she bargained for with her three suitors, who came in the forms of an artist, a crazy cosplay fan, and an animal lover…

Pictured: Mary, Filly

Also on the show will be Anna from Leicestershire, Leeds-based Cam and Liam from Bristol.

More information about the cast will be updated as the show is broadcast. 



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