On episode nine of Channel 4 reality dating show Celebs Go Dating and we witnessed a hilarious drinks order from the loveable Ben.

The AV Technician, who is 39 years old by the way not 12, was on a date with the very high-matenience Gemma Collins.

The Only Way is Essex star is renown for her upmarket personality and has forcibly expressed her need to date a gentleman. They have to have a bit of “class”, “taste” and pockets full of never ending cash wouldn’t go a miss either.

Lucky Ben was the only bloke to have survived a first round date with Gemma, also known as “The GC”, and went into date number two pulling out all the stops.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating - Tizer man pulls out Gemma's chair

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating – Tizer man pulls out Gemma’s chair

He pulled out Gemma’s chair, presented her with a bouquet of poinsettia flowers, and even poured her a class of Prosecco as she sat down.

Screen Shot: Gemma Colins

Screen Shot: Gemma Colins

Not that he could in any shape of form pronounce the word Prosecco.

Then, perhaps in a attempt to save himself from the embarrassment of poorly pronouncing a simple champagne, Ben instead reached deep into his knowledge of 1990’s fizzy drinks.

He could have opted for a Panda Pop or Tango but instead went for gold, putting in a order for a Tizer.

Nice one Ben. We’re sure the young waitress had no idea what you were on about.

Of course, Gemma picked up on Ben’s banging order however. She said:

“They don’t even make Tizer any more, you’re well old.”

Screen Shot: Gemma Collins on Tizer fanatic Ben

Screen Shot: Gemma Collins on Tizer fanatic Ben

Hearts went out for Ben as he withered under the peer pressure and changed his order to a plain old boring beer.

At a curry house, surely the beautiful citrus fizz of a Tizer would have compliment a chicken tikka masala best. Oh well.

Without his pop and Ben went on to learning how to pronounce Prosecco through the education of Gemma. That’s right, educated by Gemma Collins.

However, once The GC started to probe into Ben’s financial situation, the West End date turned south.

Gemma said: “If you could have any night in the world, any amount of money, what would be your perfect night?”

The answer “eat all you want Chinese buffet” didn’t even touch the sides for Gemma, and with the addition of “ten-pin bowling” Gemma was ready to ditch her date and do another disappearing act.

She confessed to wanting to “fall asleep” as Ben tried to save the date before leaving early.

She didn’t even stay for dessert and returned Ben’s gift back to him, while also leaving the Tizer fanatic to clean up the bill.

No Tizer, no date, no hope for poor Ben.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating