Love Island 2018 is gearing up to be the biggest season yet following the huge success of the show last year.

Series Four of the hot and sticky ITV2 hit will air in June 2018, with applications now being accepted.

But with new stars coming to screens near you, it also means the end of some of our favourite Love Island personalities.

So, seven months since the series came to a close, let’s have a look at the Love Island 2017 contestants and what they’re getting up to now.

Amber Davies

Amber has struck deals with lingerie chain, Boux Avenue and online boutique, Motel Rocks, alongside a host of brand ambassador roles using her super solid social media presence.

Everybody is waiting to see who her next love interest is. Should it be a fellow celebrity, well then we could have a new mega power on our hands.

Amelia Peters

… bbe.

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Smoking hot Amelia is rocking it as a model for London-based talent group Anthony James in one of the more ‘under-the-radar’ moves since Love Island 2017 came to a close.


Harley Judge

Cold arse winter weather got me day dreaming of sunshine ☉🏝 💭

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Easily forgotten, blonde-haired hunk Harley Judge was the first to leave the Love Island 2017 villa. He’s since swapped working on a building site to an office job with estate agents BMA Estates.

He’s also managed to get even more ripped. Somehow.

Chyna Ellis

If for some weird reason you just couldn’t get enough of Chyna on Love Island, well now she has joined the holiday rep crew of Ibiza Weekender. Head on over to ITV2 on Sunday at 9pm to see her in sun-lounging action.

Simon Searles

Big Si barely had time to unpack his stuff before facing the boot from the villa. Not sure what he’s up too now, but he is quite funny on Twitter.

Theo Campbell

Invisible box challenge ✅ count? #invisible #box #challenge 📸 @camchalmers

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The hot-headed and big-mouthed UK track runner has followed suit of many former Love Island stars by turning his hand to YouTube, with Theo Campbell TV.

He’s continuing to train and compete on the track although he is yet to race in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled though, he’s the type of character who is likely to pop-up on another reality TV show soon.

Tyla Carr

Surrey-born Tyla has seen her modelling career take off in recent months. She released a raunchy calendar for Christmas and is part of the ASM Talent group.

Shannen McGrath

The 23-year-old from Ireland came on day 26, before leaving on day 28. You’ll be happy to know she has gone on to find love though, and her new boyf is even willing to stand in for pictures like this. Nice edit, that.

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes

A few days together, makes up the hundreds of days we spend apart 🚲

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Oliva has a huge 1.5 Million followers on Instagram following her Love Island success, although lover Chris tops that number with 1.9 mil. Not that they’d ever argue about it.

The pair have had as many ups-and-downs in their real life relationship as they did on the show, and now all of that drama is about to be documented.

A new fly on the wall reality TV show called Crackin’ On will document the couples rollercoaster relationship and bring you exclusive access to their lives over 2018.

Georgia Harrison

From The Only Way is Essex to Love Island, we’re not sure where Georgia may crop up next. The 22-year-old model has been putting her looks into action and released a calendar off the back of her 805k instagram followers.


Chloë Crowhurst

Sassy Sundays ✨😛👸🏼

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In and out of the show before you even had time to ask how to pronounce Chloe with an ë, the insta-famous model is now dating Jon Clark from TOWIE. Perhaps she will feature in the new ITV series coming later this year.

Jessica Shears and Dom Lever


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The Jessica and Dom act caused quite the storm on Love Island.

When Dom finally left the house, desperate to renew his love with Jessica, nobody was sure If the feelings were mutual or if a certain ‘Muggy Mike’ had put his spanner in the works.  Sorry, put a spanner in the works.

But hey-ho, what do you know, Jess and Dom announced their engagement to Ok! Magazine just a couple months after the series final.

Alex Beattie

Co-starring alongside Montana as one of the more yawn-worthy couples on the show, Alex has moved on to finding love in other places.

Firstly, he had a hair transplant. And, now, he’s dating make-up artist Amy Paphitis.