It’s been a whopping seven years since The Bachelor UK. was on TV.

The originally American dating show was dropped in 2012 which saw Made in Chelsea lothario Spencer Matthews as ‘The Bachelor’.

Now the people of Blighty can gear up for 10 episodes of the show of roses, dates and dreaded eliminations!

So here’s everything you need to know about The Bachelor UK…

The Bachelor

The Bachelor ‘glam-shaming’

Who is The Bachelor UK 2019?

The Bachelor for 2019 is 31-year-old Alex Marks.

Alex owns his own personal training studio in South London and originally comes from Kent.

At 6 ft 6 Alex is used to getting attention from the ladies but he doesn’t just want anyone, he’s looking to find the love of his life.

UK Bachelor 2019

Alex Marks – UK Bachelor 2019

When Does The Bachelor UK Series 6 Start?

The Bachelor UK 2019 will launch on Monday, March 4th.

It will air on Channel 5 at 10 pm and continue every weeknight.

The show will be made up of ten episodes (two weeks) and will see 17 single women competing to win Alex’s heart.

Where is The Bachelor UK Set?

The show may be bringing back its U.K version but let’s face it the U.K doesn’t scream ‘dreamy romance’ so Mark Wright – who’s hosting season 6 – let everyone in on a few secrets through his Instagram about where the show has been filmed.

The Bachelor will take place in more than one location and will include various parts of South Africa, Antigua and the UK.

Falling in love with a tropical paradise as your backdrop, what more could thirty single women want?

UK Bachelor 2019

Alex Marks – UK Bachelor 2019

How Does The Bachelor UK Work?

The U.K show will follow the same principles as the other Bachelor shows.

One man gets the opportunity to date a barrage of 30 women at once who are all competing for his love.

Each week he gives out a rose to each woman he wants to stay and eliminates some that he’s not into.

The last lady standing bags the prize of The Bachelor’s heart and they skip off into the sunset together (theoretically).



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