The latest series of Don’t Tell The Bride has been causing a stir after relaunching on Channel 4’s E4.

The gobsmacking reality TV show follows the often bamboozling decisions of grooms as they attempt to arrange the perfect wedding.

With the bride-to-be frozen out of the operation and with zero input in everything from location to the bridal dress – yeah – it’s chaos.

But, If you fancy taking a punt at organising an entire wedding yourself, here’s everything you need to know about applying. Remember, just Don’t Tell The Bride.

How do I apply for Don’t Tell The Bride?

You can apply for Don’t Tell The Bride through Renegade Pictures here.

The application includes general questions along with links to your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There are also three questions to answer in detail: Are you engaged? Have you made any plans so far for your wedding day? Why do you want to take part in Don’t Tell The Bride?

The application also requires photos and an optional video.

How much money do you get on Don’t Tell The Bride?

Don't Tell The Bride (E4)

Don’t Tell The Bride (E4)

The most important question of all, ehh.

The Don’t Tell The Bride application form states that each couple will receive £13,000 for their big day.

Why the majority of grooms decide to spend this cash on parachuting their bride into the wedding venue or shooting her to the church at 110mph in a rally car, we honestly do not know.

When is the next episode on TV?

If you want to test the water before taking the plunge and applying yourself, Don’t Tell The Bride is on TV right now.

The latest episode just finished on E4 (9-10pm, Wednesday 24 January, 2018).

If you’re quick you could catch it on E4+1, while all episodes are on the Channel 4 website.

The series is now into its final TWO episodes. They continue every Wednesday at 9pm on E4.