TLC viewers are asking how old Ariella Brown from Sister Wives is after a recent episode. The youngest of the Brown family can be seen celebrating the festive period with her siblings in the new season 18. While all kinds of dynamics are changing in the Brown household, many fans are all asking the same question about one particular thing this year.

The stars include Kody Brown and his past and present wives Janelle, Meri, Christine, and Robyn, as well as the family’s 18 children. While Kody’s first child, Logan, was born in 1994, the patriarch welcomed the latest addition to the Sister Wives brood in 2016.

Robyn Brown looks across out of shot looking sad filming Sister Wives
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How old is Ariella on Sister Wives?

As with many huge events in the Brown family’s lives, Ariella being welcomed to the world was featured on the TLC show, Sister Wives.

Ariella Mae Brown was born to Robyn and Kody Brown on Sunday, January 10, 2016.

This makes the youngest member of the Brown family seven years old in 2023.

Speaking at the time on show, Kody said of his daughter: “After two days late, baby sister’s here, she’s nine pounds, nine ounces.”

Ariella Brown spotted with pacifier on Sister Wives

Fans have seen many of the Brown family members grow up over their years on the show.

The TLC series first aired back in 2010 when the oldest of the Brown kids, Logan, would have been 16 years old.

In 2023, season 18 of the show sees some of the family members celebrating Christmas separately.

Despite there being some tensions in the family, the youngest member of the Browns appears happy during the festive season.

Ariella Brown can be seen using a pacifier as she stars alongside her siblings on the show.

Fans react to Kody and Robyn over pacifier

Sister Wives fans are often intrigued by the personal lives of Kody and his wives.

From whether Kody is vaccinated to his side job and his religious beliefs, fans have always asked questions about the reality TV star.

Now, many viewers want to know more about Kody and Robyn Brown‘s parenting choices as they spot Ariella with a pacifier.

One tweeted: “Ariella is like 6 years old. Why does she still have a pacifier?”

Another asked: “How old is Robyn Brown’s child Ariella now? Why does she have a pacifier still??”

More said: “…how old is Ariella??? She still has a pacifier… that concerns me.”

And: “Ariella is old enough to have missing teeth but is still on the pacifier.”


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