It’s official, Ibiza weekender is back on TV, launching on Sunday, January 19th and lasting for around 10 episodes.

With more drama in the sun and two new reps on board, the 2020 ITV series is set to be one of the most explosive series yet.

Long-time favourites Jordan Davies and David Potts will return alongside Callum Izzard, Chloe Chaloner and Tasha Kiran. However, there’s also two new reps in town thanks to the addition of Riva Vatsaloo and Jaden Richards.

Here is everything you need to know about Ibiza Weekender’s latest holiday reps, including where you can find hunky Jaden Richards on Instagram!

Series 6
Pictured: Jaden, David and Riva.

Introducing Jaden Richards

Leeds lad Jaden is a fitness model who lives for the gym – you’ll likely notice this during any topless scenes on Ibiza Weekender.
Previously, he worked as a mechanical engineer.
The 20-year-old is signed to Nemesis Models, who are Manchesters Leading Model Agency. Fellow cast-mate Callum Izzard is also signed to the same agency and perhaps this is how got a foot in the door to become a rep. The modelling agency even has Love Island stars on their books, including 2019 star Jordan Hames.

Where have I seen Jaden before?

Jaden is no stranger to reality TV. In 2019 he starred on the reboot of Shipwrecked on E4 and was one of the show’s youngest contestants aged 19.

When the original show was on TV Jaden would have been too young to watch it, therefore it was speculated that his mum told him to apply!

Jaden joined the Tigers tribe who went on to win the show. If you loved Jaden in Shipwrecked then you’re more than likely to fall even more in love with him on Ibiza Weekender.

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Where can I find Jaden on social media?

Jaden can be found over on Instagram at @Jadeenweekender where he starts his Ibiza Weekender journey at 6,800 followers, although this is expected to rocket over the coming weeks with the majority of reps on the show boasting over 100,000 followers.

If you want to check out Jaden and his modelling pics, be sure to head on over to his Instagram now.

Jaden on Ibiza Weekender 2020

From the cast interviews with ITV, there’s a lot of drama that we already know about the 2020 series.

Jaden ends up falling head over heels for fellow rep Tash, spending the majority of the season with his tongue rammed down her throat. However, things get a little heated when news filters through that fellow rep Callum Izzard had also been cracking on with Tash.

Throw in the mix of Callum getting with new rep Riva and his ex Chloe Chaloner, and Ibiza Weekender 2020 looks like it could extremely explosive. Speaking of news reps Jade and Riva, Jordan Davies said:

They were great but there was a lot of drama and a lot of rep relationships which shouldn’t have happened this series. If I hadn’t of been there it would of all fallen apart. 

Let’s just say Callum and Tash were not the most well behaved together when they were in Ibiza. So, Callum was getting with Riva and Jaden with Tash so when this secret about Cal and Tash came out you can imagine it wasn’t the nicest of environments to be around.



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