Laura Vaughan from Celebs Go Dating joins MAFS (Married at First Sight) UK as a bride. Her first shot at finding love was with Gary Lucy, alongside Pete Wicks, as they went on a double date. She also dated Angus from Made in Chelsea before marrying a total stranger…

Viewers instantly recognized Laura Vaughn when she made her debut on Married at First Sight UK. But it’s not the first time she’s had cameras around. Let’s look at Laura’s Celebs Go Dating appearance.

Laura Vaughan wears white floral dress with one hand on hip looking at camera, in front of floral arrangement.
Credit: Married at First Sight/Channel 4

Who is Laura on MAFS UK?

Laura Vaughan on MAFS UK is a finance manager from Hampshire. The 34-year-old has had her fair share of dating in the past and spends most of her weekends out in Chelsea.

She is successful and describes herself as a bit of a “boss b*tch”. She knows what she does and doesn’t want in life since her former partner unexpectedly ended their marriage.

Living across London and Mykonos, the divorcee says: “Let’s get married – second time lucky?” Laura has done a lot of traveling, including to Dubai, New York City, and Miami.

Laura on Celebs Go Dating

Laura appeared on Celebs Go Dating when she went on a double date with Gary Lucy, alongside Pete Wicks. She said it was a “first” for an intense date and questioned why they had chefs “slaving away.”

She got into the hot tub with Gary after they had dinner and wine together. However, they didn’t develop a relationship. Laura has now been matched with tennis coach Arthur Poremba on MAFS UK.

Laura revealed on MAFS that she’s been single for six months, while her friend – who was present at her wedding on the Channel 4 series – also went on a date with Gary on Celebs Go Dating.

She dated Angus on Made in Chelsea

Laura dated Angus Findlay from Made in Chelsea. When the first episode of the new MAFS season aired, he was actually in Mykonos, while Laura often visits Chelsea on weekends.

She’s also been pictured at Bluebird Chelsea. More recently, Laura was faced with the L-bomb within minutes of marrying Arthur on MAFS, after she made it clear she wanted a well-spoken “Chelsea boy”.

Hoping to meet someone who she could enjoy champagne brunches with, Laura told Arthur: “I just feel like it was really inspirational how he said you came to this country and didn’t speak a word of English.”


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