Ibiza Weekender is back for its 2020 series with David ‘El Jefe’ Potts at the helm and regular rep Jordan Davies by his side.

The ITV series has faced various changes over the years and is completely different to how it initially launched in 2013 as the Magaluf Weekender.

Imagine actually going on holiday to Magaluf now!

The revamped format packs not only more drama, snogging and drunken nights out but a revolving door of reps. Ibiza Weekender used to feature the same group of holiday reps each series although ITV have shifted to a system where at least two new cast members join the gang in each season.

Series 9 is no different as Jaden and Riva join the crew. Now this is a serious squad…

Pictured: (L-R) Top row: Callum, Chloe, Tash, Riva; Bottom row: Jaden, David and Jordan.

Who are the Ibiza Weekender 2020 reps?

  • David ‘El Jefe’ Potts
  • Jordan Davies
  • Callum Izzard
  • Chloe Chaloner
  • Tash
  • Riva
  • Jaden

David Potts – aka El Jefe

David is the loud, energetic, sassy and sarcastic king of Ibiza Weekender. While minion Jordan Davies may think he is the star of the show it’s David’s humor and boss-ass-b*tch demeanor that has fans returning to ITV2.

Known as ‘El Jefe’, David only answers to ‘El Grande El Jefe’, who we’re pretty certain doesn’t actually exist given the fact he only exists in phone calls.

The 26-year-old has a brilliant Manchester accent and has also appeared on E4 dating series Celebs Go Dating.

Jordan Davies and Callum Izzard

Callum has also appeared on Celebs Go Dating while Jordan is the proud owner of that smug face you’ve probably seen everywhere from Celebrity Big Brother to each Weekender series since 2013.

A true Ibiza veteran, Jordan spends each series flirting and bedding a host of girls who appear on the show as holiday guests, with some of them seemingly applying just to get a shot at meeting the 27-year-old lothario.

Interestingly, Isobel Mills is not a rep for the 2020 series.

Isobel and Jordan started dating while appearing in the 2019 series and are still in a relationship now, meaning they’ve been together for over 12 months. We’re sure ITV producers didn’t like the idea of filming the pair basking in the Ibiza sunshine like a happily married couple and have decided to ditch Isobel.

And now we get to see if Jordan can stay faithful…

Pictured: Callum, Riva and Jordan.

Chloe Chaloner and Tash Kiran

Chloe is that annoying blonde one who latched onto Callum during her first season on the show in 2019. Tash also joined the Ibiza Weekender crew in the same series.

It doesn’t look as if Chloe and Callum are dating now although the 2020 series should be full of ups and downs as they’ve always enjoyed something of a very passionate but very on-and-off relationship.

Tash, also known as Natasha, is the show’s innocent sweetheart. She’s probably the only cast member who looks like they’re taking their job seriously.

Newbies Riva and Jaden Richards

Finally, the two new reps in series 9 are Riva and Jaden.

Jaden steps onto the Ibiza Weekender scene having already starred on Channel 4 series Shipwrecked in 2019. He was part of the winning tribe, The Tigers, and flexed around the beach with perfect abs and attempting to set a bandana trend.

He is 20 years old and works as a fitness model in Leeds.


Riva is a 23-year-old from Cardiff, in Wales.

She is a recent Law Graduate and set to celebrate her recent achievements with a summer of a lifetime in Ibiza serving cocktails and cleaning swimming pools.

You can follow Riva on Instagram under @rivaweekender, where has just over 5,000 followers.




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